Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Our beautiful little girl turned THREE years old this week! Maddie has filled our lives with joy and sunshine, and constant smiles and giggles.


We spent the day at Stone Mountain, playing in their water tower. The girls had a blast even though they didn't have all of the water spouts turned on. We are looking forward to going back and giving it another try.






We also tried the Ducks boat ride, and the girls got to take the wheel for a little bit!

This is the only picture we got, sorry Maddie.



No patience for pictures when there's pizza on the table!


Maddie's closet is filled with 3T and even some 4T outfits - all of which she rarely wears because all she ever picks are costumes and pajamas! Dressing up in her costumes and accessories is one of her absolute favorite things to do, and sometimes she rotates through several in one day. She also still loves getting manicures and pedicures with her pink Piggy Paint, a spritz of hair spray, and a smidge of my pink lip gloss. Definitely a girly-girl!

We bought Maddie an Aurora and a Sofia costume for her birthday - they were a big hit!


Princess Sofia, Daniel Tiger, and all things Aurora are the most frequent television requests. The Little People flap books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Green Eggs and Ham are her current favorite books. I'm also thrilled that she likes the new book Poppy and SuSu gave her for her birthday - Mooshka: A Quilt Story, because now both girls are extremely interested in the little quilts that I made for them.

Maddie weighs 29 pounds, and is 38 inches tall. She is still the snuggliest little girl, and I love feeling her warm and cuddled up with me. It will be such a sad day when both girls are too big for my lap!! One of my favorite times of the day is 7:00 a.m., when her wake-up clock turns green and she can come in and wake me up. She will pull herself up into my bed, curl herself up next to me, and snuggle down under the covers. We cuddle for a little bit and she will chatter on about all kinds of things - it always starts our day off on a good note!



She loves her big sister and all of her friends - nothing makes her happier than everyone playing with her. She also gets so delighted when Mommy or Daddy gets time to play too! Her current favorite Mommy and Daddy games are "lemonade stand" (with her new present!) and Monster, which basically consists of Daddy chasing them around the house screaming and scaring each other.

Chatting on a kitchen-floor FaceTime with Poppy and SuSu on her birthday.

One thing that we all like the most about our Maddie Magoo is her personality. It's the perfect balance of sweetness, assertiveness, and general hilarity. She is so expressive and articulate, and gets so excited about her days and her new adventures. We love the consistent quirks, like when she tries a new food and then shrugs her shoulder to her ear and chirps "Good!". Or when she gets a present or when we do something nice for her, and she says "Thank you thank you thank you!!!!" in a totally overjoyed manner. She makes the most hilarious expressions and we love all of them - from her petulant pouts to her gleeful smiles.




We love you with all of our hearts, darling girl. Happy birthday!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Vacation Sensations Part 3

Flying their kite!

It was perfect kite weather. It was so windy that Anna even agreed to let me put her hair up - a rare occurrence!

The girls were delighted to meet a new little friend.

Lunch at Sharky's, on Ocean Isle.

Watching the fishing boats pull in



SuSu and Kristy and I went shopping to the big gift shop, Callahan's. This was Steve's present that we brought back (along with a t-shirt) - it says "Ring for Toilet Paper" and the girls quickly ran off with it. I was able to find some fun little games and toys for the girls, that I secreted away for our drive home.

SuSu's gift for Anna was a stuffed animal crab. Of course she grabbed the tongs and the pot and pretended to cook it. I laughed pretty hard when I saw this! There were many games of throwing the crab on the floor and shrieking that there was a crab on the loose!



There were SO many moments like this at the beach - these two really are best friends!

And yes, I need to include all of them.


When Maddie got a turn to hold the kite, she took off trying to chase the kite! And of course as fast as she could run, the kite was faster, so she was halfway down the beach before Steve caught up to her!

Last night of surf fishing. We also did a night of crab-hunting, where we took flashlights and walk up and down the beach chasing the little ghost crabs. I was impressed that both girls had no qualms about picking up those little crabs!!

This was such a fun and relaxing vacation - we had an amazing time and we wish we could have stayed a whole extra week! We'll see you again next year, Sunset!

Vacation Sensations Part 2

Anna showing Kristy her new loom set





This was my favorite beach trip with the girls so far. It was so much easier taking them to the beach, and so much more fun playing with them now that they are old enough to make up games and play in the waves. I also loved so very much being able to spend the whole week doing nothing but playing with them - our spring and summer have been so hectic that I felt like I was constantly bogged down with housework and trip prep/post work. So the time "off" to enjoy the girls was so awesome and I have been focusing on bringing back into our daily lives again now that our schedule has calmed down. 



Maddie really is such a monkey.

Helping Daddy with their annual epic sandcastle.

Steve took probably 20 snaps of this picture and this was the best one we got. Cheeky kids!

Anna wants to be just like her aunt Kristy :-)



Catching some more crabs






Maddie asked Anna to hold her cone - rookie move, Maddie.

Part 3, coming up!