Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cute things the Husband Does

Steve has been excited and supportive of me during the pregnancy so far (especially once he actually believed I was pregnant, haha) so I thought I’d give him a shout-out and give everyone a sneak peek of some of the sweet things he’s been doing.
1) Doing the dishes. To a woman with an extremely sensitive nose and an even more sensitive gag reflex, this is an effort that never goes unappreciated!!
2) Going on very slow walks with me. We used to walk almost every night at a pretty fast pace, but now we’re lucky to go once every 3 weeks at what a generous person might describe as an amble. But it sure is nice to get out of the house!
3) Making me smoothies every morning. As an effort to get more fruits/veggies into my diet, along with a dose of protein powder (ok’d by my doc!), Steve happily makes me a smoothie every morning and then sticks it in the fridge for me to grab on my way out the door. The cold smoothie also feels great on my poor tender tummy, so he gets double points for this one.
4) Assuring me that I still look beautiful and sexy, even with a growing belly
5) Going on grocery store runs. This man hates going to the grocery store like you would not even believe, but he’s offered to go on multiple occasions provided I email him the list :-) .
6) He actually gets into my lengthy and overly detailed conversations about baby equipment and nursery thoughts, and offers an opinion and his thoughts on the item discussion. It’s nice to have someone else who is willing to overthink things like this, because a baby shopping list can be extremely overwhelming!
7) He’s been very understanding and self-sufficient with our lack of a dinner schedule or any kind of meal plan for the last 4 months. Most evenings he quite happily makes himself a sandwich, but he’s also always up for a venture out when I’m in the mood for something specific. For someone who used to enjoy planning out the weekly meals and trying new recipes, it’s been an adjustment for me, but it is also nice to have the other person affected by this go with the flow and not complain. Hopefully this will get better soon!
8.) He very understandingly agreed not to pursue his stringent diet during these 9+ months. I made it quite clear that if I had to get daily updates on how much weight he had lost, I would develop quite the severe psychological complex. So he put the weight loss goals on hold and is instead focusing on weight lifting and eating healthy. He’s still feeling great and staying in shape, but I love that he was understanding about my self esteem issues and agreed to put the scale-monitoring on hold.
There are of course many others but these are the ones I’m currently thinking of. Thanks for being such a great husband and a wonderful father-to-be!!

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