Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Pregnancy symptoms that nobody tells you about

Especially if you are my mother, who “didn’t really get sick much at all until Allyson, I had to nibble on Saltines with her!”. Poor freaking baby, haha. Just kidding Mom.
Here are some of the random pregnancy issues I’ve had, all apparently 100% normal but never knew they existed until I started experiencing them:
1) Shortness of breath. It makes me feel like an out of shape heifer, but Doc says it’s a result of everything being pushed around in there. Some days are worse than others, and there’s definitely been a few conversations that have been hard to finish because I’m out of breath!
2) Issues with my contact lenses. Apparently during pregnancy, the shape of your eyes can change and it makes your contacts not fit well, making them extremely uncomfortable and they don’t even work as well now. Which is really not so fun during the summer when I want to wear my sun glasses- I’ve been toughing it out and wearing my contacts anyways but they sure don’t feel very good. Supposedly they go back to normal after you have the baby, which is good!
3) If you sneeze hard, it can hurt the **** out of your stomach.
4) Food aversions. Everyone knows about the notorious cravings but the food aversions are, so far in my experience, ten million times stronger. And if I smell or am in the presence of a particularly bad one, it’s guaranteed to initiate at least some gagging. Hubby picked a REALLY bad time to get into tuna fish, because DAMN that stuff smells awful!
4a)I can’t believe I forgot this one. I developed very violent reactions to foods that have never bothered me before in my life. The main one is Dairy- any kind of milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc. makes me extremely ill for at least a full day, even just 1/2 a cup. Cheese seems to be okay if I don’t eat too much of it, but nothing else. The other recent one we’ve discovered is soup- not sure if it’s the liquid, or the heat, but eating a bowl of soup is sure to trigger at least three bouts of vomit (gross). I’ve had recommendations to try soy milk or other similar products, but honestly, I got SO sick from the regular dairy that I’m scared to even try it. So, we’ll see.
5) I’ve got the nose of a bloodhound now- I can smell literally EVERYTHING (again, with the tuna fish). This was particularly strong in the first trimester- I could sit in a staff meeting and I could smell the toothpaste and coffee on everybody’s breath, and could easily pick out any smoker walking by in the grocery store. This has faded somewhat but still much stronger than pre-pregnancy!
6) Crazy vivid dreams. I used to dream before, obviously, but they have never been this downright weird or life-like before. A few of them have woken me up in the middle of the night and according to my google research, these dreams will only get more frequent as I get further along!
Any Moms reading the blog? What other crazy symptoms did you have?

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