Friday, May 21, 2010

A weird kind of reassurance- a tongue-in-cheek Friday Musing

Every now and then, I get overwhelmed with the thought of actually having to raise a child and have her turn out sane, healthy, and a contributing member of society. There are so many good intentions, hopes and dreams that I have for this Baby Girl, how in the world are we going to pull it all together and raise her up the way we want her to be?

Lest you think this post is going to be too philosophical and heavy, let me confess that I'm drawing an odd sense of reassurance from seeing just how low the bar is set sometimes by other "parents" out there in the world. I feel terrible for the children, but seriously? It makes me feel better knowing that even my bare minimum amount of effort and common sense already puts me head and shoulders above some of the other people out there. We may not always be perfect but gosh darn it...we're not going to completely fail either.

Let me show you some examples: - If I ever start posting status messages like some of the ones listed on this blog, I would prefer for someone to take me out back and shoot me, please. - I don't know where to even start with this one, aside from just being grateful that as much as my husband loves a cold frosty beer, he would never try to trade his daughter for one. Especially for a watery, redneck domestic beer sold at a gas station. If he was going to trade her away he would at least get the good stuff. too many good ones to post here but I feel like these pictures speak for themselves:

Tonight will be a fun night with the Forbes households- Kristy is graduating and Susan is the birthday girl, so needless to say, we've planned an over the top night of debauchery- and they have no idea what's coming! Let's just hope the rain holds off. Happy Friday, everyone!


Janet said...

Not to worry about raising your little ones... just hold fast to your values and keep your priorities straight, and love, love, love 'em every day... that'll put you LIGHT YEARS ahead of most!

Auntie Ally said...

OMG, the post on facebook is hilarious/gross. There are some people on my FB that post stuff like that and it tempts me greatly to press "delete." Anyways, you guys are going to be AWESOME parents, I'm 100% sure of it! Leave the wal-mart jungle gym antics to the weirdos!

Jamie said...

I have been CRYING about some of those FB posts! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This was great!