Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grab your Glitter Kids, it's time for Arts & Crafts!

The nesting impulse is starting to kick in and I've been working a couple of projects to help until we can get the nursery rolling.

One is a changing table that we bought at a neighborhood garage sale- we are planning to use it as storage shelf in the nursery closet. We painted it white, painted the side bars green, and added a pink and green paisley paper to the shelves. Add baskets and something cute on top, and voila! Functional, cute shelving for the nursery closet, for less than $30, including paint and materials.

The baskets were found for cheap at Marshall's- although an A name is top of the list right now, we're not 100% settled still so if we change our minds, we can easily pull the letters off and keep the baskets.

The second project is still a work in progress, but since it's Arts & Crafts hour at the Forbes house, I'll go ahead and share. I always thought the neatest baby keepsakes were the ones that were handmade, and I was hellbent on making SOMETHING for Baby Girl, even with my rudimentary crafting skills. So I'm taking my knitting skills (learned freshman year of college courtesy of the East Cobb Martha Stewart, Liz Boyer) and knitting the baby her very own little blanket. Still got a ways to go but here what I've got so far:

 Any other fun project suggestions welcome!


Jamie said...

So cute, can't wait to see it when we come down there in less than two weeks!

Ashley Terry said...

Those are both adorable!! I would say you have some major craft skills Sarah!! I'm jealous!! :)

Janet said...

Adorable- and so contemporary! (I thought the A's were for Auntie Allyson!)The blanket is turning out gorgeous- beautiful colors!
I bought some cute appliques yesterday that I hope you may find a use for, somewhere.
We're going to come over when Allyson gets home. Hope you're up for a crowd!
Love ya!

auntie ally said...

#1. A names are awesome.
#2. that is the cutest baby giraffe i have ever seen!