Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So...people have been asking since we announced the pregnancy where we are registered, and now we finally have an answer (can you believe the announcement happened 15 weeks ago?? yikes!!). Steve and I finally made the voyage out to the store armed with heaps of supposedly helpful internet info, spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get the car seats off their bases, promptly ruled out everything we had preliminarily picked out, and then selected new things. While we are nowhere near the 150+ items that Babies R Us recommended (yeah not gonna happen, lady!), we had fun looking at everything and feel pretty confident with the items we picked, plus we've added some useful items recommended by fellow new moms (thanks Kelly!!). And then of course added some fun things too  :-). Even if nobody buys anything off of it (our friends and family have been so generous already!), it was extremely helpful to narrow down what we liked and what was important to us...and the completion discount will be nice too!

I had my doubts about BRU because I had rarely gone in there before, but it's surprisingly not as overwhelming as I thought it would be, plus it's nice that they have most of the stuff actually in stock...I heart Target but their baby sections are woefully inconsistent and I know from prior baby shopping experience that it's hard to actually find the stuff in stock! So, I'm now a BRU fan. 

One other unexpected benefit of our 2.5 hours at BRU was that it finally hit home for Steve that he's going to be a daddy- so I happily put him in charge of the registry gun and we had fun!

If you want to see what we picked out you can see our registries:

Babies R Us


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