Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cute Comments = a Happy Momma

So, I know I've posted several "Don't ever freaking say this to a pregnant lady!" posts, but overall, people have been pretty nice to me this pregnancy. Everyone seems really excited about the baby, even complete strangers, so as long as they don't ask insanely personal questions, I'm happy to talk with them about how the pregnancy's going and our plans for the name (or lack thereof), nursery (or lack thereof), etc.

Two specific groups of people are especially interested in the baby and Stevo got a dose of both last weekend, so I figured it was time for a post about them.

The first group I have dubbed the "Home Depot Heroes". Men at Home Depot are particularly aware and protective of the fact that I'm pregnant, and pretty much without fail, Steve gets some kind of mini lecture or admonishment to "do this project right because otherwise it won't be good for the baby!!". The Home Depot Heroes are also very concerned that I don't help with the projects, and I've been told on more than one occasion to put my feet up and let my hubby handle it. I don't need to be told twice!! This group also applies to any kind of car maintenance person although my experience with them during the pregnancy has been fairly limited.

The second group is one that I encounter on a more regular basis vs. just our Saturday morning Home Depot runs, and those are the Proud Grandparents. It doesn't matter if I'm at the grocery store, the mall, or wherever- Proud Grandparents LOVE coming up and talking about my baby and their own grandbabies. I've been shown more pictures of grandbabies in the last 4 months than I've seen in 4 years, and I think it's adorable how much they love showing them off. It's nice to see all these grandparents truly getting to enjoy these babies!

Last weekend we met a rare combination of BOTH a Home Depot Hero and a Proud Grandpa, and he was practically bursting with pride and excitement when he told us he had FIVE grandkids, before pulling out his phone to show us pictures of the newest little one. And then wrapped up the conversation with a lecture to Steve on making sure to fix that fridge leak right before it caused mold which could hurt the baby!


Janet said...

Nice to know you're becoming very familiar with just how proud and expressive your little girl's grandparents are going to be! I'm really sorry you never got to know your grandparents from my family... they would've been AWESOME!

Sarah said...

I'm sure they're still just as proud of their great-grandbaby up in heaven...iphone pictures included :-)