Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Forbes Family is Moving

Steve thinks I'm joking, but I informed him yesterday that I'm going to find a place in America where the average daily temperature is under 60 degrees, preferably with no humidity, and then move there. Forbes & Co would benefit from multiple office locations and the poor Preggosaurus would benefit from not wanting to die after being outside for more than 2 minutes. So really, it's a win-win. Now just to convince the hubby.

A quick google search assured me that there are in fact such cities. So for fun, let's take a gander and see where we could move to:

Coolest Weather

Large cities in America with a normal daily mean temperature for the year that's below 55 °F (12.8 °C):
City °F Daily Average
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 47.5
Chicago, Illinois 49.1
Cleveland, Ohio 49.6
Detroit, Michigan 49.7
Denver, Colorado 50.1
Boston, Massachusetts 51.6
Indianapolis, Indiana 52.5
Columbus, Ohio 52.9
Seattle, Washington 52.9
Portland, Oregon 53.5
Kansas City, Missouri 54.2
Baltimore, Maryland 54.6

 My vote is Boston...or perhaps Alaska. Let's go, honey!


Janet said...

Denver's nice, too, if you're not there during the part of the year when you have to shovel all the snow!

Atlanta, Food and Love said...

So here's the still gets really hot in those places, its just that they have so many sub zero days to pull the average down. Maybe you should search cities where the median temp is less than 60, might be a little more telling...and yes I am a nerd...

Sarah said...

don't rain on my parade, Lainey! haha.

Alaska it is!

Nicole said...

But if you move to Alaska, then you have the winter where it's DARK 24/7. And then in the summer there are times when it's LIGHT 24/7. Denver should totally be your #1 option. Today the humidity was 47% and I complained about it being "muggy". Normally we don't get above 10-15% humidity and the snow is dry - VERY much unlike East Coast snow =) I assure should but CO on the top of your list =)

Sarah said...

Denver it is! I'm really not even picky, I'm just tired of it being hot and humid!!