Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet and Greet Thursday

I have today off of work from my nixed beach trip, so I decided to be productive and knock an important item off the baby to-do list...find a pediatrician! Since I don't know anyone very well here in my immediate area, I asked my OB for recommendations and she happily gave me a stack of business cards of pediatricians that she likes. Steve helped me sort through websites and we narrowed it down to two that we wanted to meet in person.

I have been compiling a list of questions to ask the pediatricians at our meet-and-greet appointment so I thought I'd share, just in case it comes in helpful for other future mommas.

   -What is the after-hours procedure?
   - Who besides the doctor will see the baby/make diagnoses/etc.?
   - What is the same-day appointment policy if the baby is sick?
   - What is your office's vaccination schedule? Do you offer other vaccines like the flu shot?
   - What hospital do you refer patients to when they need emergency or hospital care?
   - What is the general appointment schedule with a newborn?
   - Do you have developmental guidelines that we can use to look for early indicators of autism or               developmental disabilities? 
    - Do you come to the hospital to check her out once she's born?
    - If there are multiple doctors at the practice, do you generally try to keep the child with one specific doctor or is it more whoever is available?

I've already had one meeting today and I LOVED her...I've got the other meeting at 5 but really, I'm already happy with the doctor I met, so I'm relieved that I was able to find at least one that I liked today. Done and done  :-)

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