Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Products that DIDN'T make the registry

There are some parenting products that although tempting, I think we can do without. Today on the Parenting.com homepage, they had a slideshow of the most ridiculous parenting products, and I've pulled out the cream of the crop for your viewing pleasure. For example:

Plush "Pee and Poop" stuffed toys. This didn't make the list for many different reasons, the main ones being a) they don't match my nursery's pink and green color scheme, and b) I'd rather Baby Girl not think that it's okay to play with her feces.

The "Daddle". The theory is that you strap this onto the proud poppa and let the little one play horsie to her heart's content. Although it seems like a poor consolation prize to an actual horse, this would be pretty funny. Maybe I need to reconsider this one.

Sperm pin or Sperm earrings. I feel like I really missed a Father's Day gift opportunity with this one, but maybe next year? This would also be the perfect gift for that couple that just has to tell EVERYONE that they are trying to conceive, including monthly or weekly updates. Let your jewelry speak for itself- It's like wearing a Rotary Club pin, but better!

Placenta Teddy Bear. Yes, you read that right. People do some crazy **** with their placentas but this one takes the cake, I think. Not only do you have to cure and emulsify the placenta, you have to sew it in to the teddy bear. Most kids dream of Cabbage Patch Dolls or American Girl Dolls, but that's probably just because they haven't seen this cuddly little bear yet. Right? Yikes.

Sonogram Cuff Links. Another Father's Day gift missed opportunity, damn it.

Customized cardboard cot. This garbage-chic cot is perfect for the Eco-friendly-wannabe family that wants to LOOK like they're recycling, but this cot comes with the price tag of 250 euros...bringing your American dollar total to over $500. I'm thinking we got a pretty good price on our real crib, compared to this!

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