Wednesday, August 25, 2010

35 Week Appointment and Some Mixed News

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I had my 35 week appointment (and will now have appts every week, yikes!) and since we had an ultrasound scheduled, Stevo came along too to get a peek at the baby. Although I was excited to see the baby again, I felt kind of bad because I wasn't totally sure we NEEDED another ultrasound. Turns out I was wrong and the u/s technician confirmed within two seconds of putting the wand on my belly that the Baby Girl is sitting cozy and comfortably in a breech position. Most babies at this point have already "flipped" and gone head down to get ready for the birth. So...Baby Girl is being difficult.

The good news from the u/s is that she's got a full head of hair. The neutral news from the u/s is that she's estimated to be 7 lbs already (give or take half a pound), so she's already a chunky monkey. We didn't get any good pictures because she had her hands in front of her face from one angle and her feet blocking the picture from the other angle. But we got to see all her hair waving around in there and Steve joked that his unborn baby now has more hair than he does!

Anyways, back to the breech conundrum...the doc says there's a 10-20% chance that she will flip on her own between now and next week. She wouldn't recommend any "at home" tricks to get her to flip but she said there are plenty of unofficial tricks that won't hurt to try, so I will be googling that tonight!! My next appointment is next Wednesday, and I will have another u/s. If she's still breech, we have the option to try an "external version", which is a procedure done by the doctor to try and push the baby into the right position. I don't know much about this yet but she said it's done in the hospital because there's a small risk of it causing early labor, and they also hook me up to a stress test machine and baby heartbeat monitor- if it causes the baby to get too stressed out or if it causes her heartbeat to drop, they will go to emergency c-section. There's also no guarantee at all that the external version will work- there might be a reason Baby Girl hasn't flipped yet and if that reason is some kind of odd uterus shape or something blocking her, then the external version won't work either.

If we choose not to try the external version and the baby still refuses to flip, our only option at that point is to do a c-section, and they would do said c-section at 39 weeks.

So...I'm happy the baby is healthy but it looks like we've got some research to do and some turning tricks to try!! Wish us luck.

Since we didn't get any good u/s pictures, I found a picture online of how she's positioned in just imagine this is a real baby and that it's inside my belly:


Auntie Ally said...

hahaha, she's not even born yet and she's already a pain in the butt! hahahaha. She's going to be hard headed just like her aunt!

Sarah Morgan said...

Wow, I feel like I have to take that position on long coach flights. haha. At least she is flexible.

Kelly said...

Forgotten about me? Remember Jackson was Breech at 36 weeks, and i researched a ton and went to a Chiropractor that is certified in the Webster Technique. Which is specificially for pregnant breech situations. And i had 2 adjustments that week, and 1 at 37 weeks he had flipped. I really believe it helped, and it was completely painless and simple. They just align your pelvis you make sure it's completely open and no vertabrae are out of whack that might hinder baby from easily flipping. i really believe this worked for me. Unfortunately my chiro i found for this is out of biz now due to poor location, so i just emailed my chiro to see if he knows of a chiro who specializes nearby. It's totally worth a few tries before you consider external version.

Kelly said...

a list of some off the site nearby that practice webster.

Sarah said...

Kelly I was actually going to call you today to ask about your chiropractor! Thanks for sending, I'm going to look into it :-)

Kirby Lynn said...

Sarah, thinking of y'all as you make some decisions and wait to see what happens!