Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Story Time Tuesday

So a friend pointed out to me the other day that I never told the story about how I found out I was pregnant...I swear that I had made a blog post about it at some point but I went back and looked and couldn't find it. So...sorry if this is a duplicate but just in case I didn't (gotta love that baby brain), here's my story!

As faithful readers already know, we had been charting my morning temperatures to get a feel for my cycle (cue male groaning, haha...sorry guys) but I had already written the months of December and January off as a wash. My cycle had been really messed up from being sick and wisdom teeth surgery and who knows what else, so I had still been charting every day, but not really expecting anything. But, being the masochist that I am, I still tested Friday and Saturday...getting negatives both times.

I decided to give up and not torture myself anymore, but then woke up Sunday morning and my customary cup of coffee smelled AWFUL. I sniffed the coffee grounds wondering how an entire bag of coffee could go bad in the course of a day and then it struck me that maybe the coffee hadn't changed, but maybe...just maybe...I should go test again. Sure enough, 2 minutes later, a faint line appeared next to the test line. I just sat there and stared at it for a while, decided it had to be wrong, and went to take another one. Line. Steve wasn't home (he was at the lake for a guys' weekend) and I had promised him that I wouldn't test until he got home (oops), so I basically just sat at home that day periodically taking more tests (gotta love the dollar store tests...) and staring at lines. Then I had to pack up and go to Nicole's shower where pretty much all I could think about was what was probably going on in my belly.

Steve was scheduled to get home Monday night, so I took one more test, took a picture of it, and got it developed along with the other pictures he had requested for his new office. I stuck the picture of the test at the very back, so when he got home and flipped through the pictures, he would see it. He gets to the picture of the test and stares at it for a minute, and then looks up at me. I sit there waiting for some kind of excited shouting, maybe some tears....but instead he just says "I don't get it". I paused for a minute to see if he was serious and then said "well....I wouldn't put a picture of the test in there if it was negative.....", and then I could see comprehension dawning in his eyes. He asked if I was pregnant and I nodded and then immediately started crying, so he gave me a big hug and then we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner.

Aside from a few belly pokes and rubs when I ordered him to say hi to the baby, it took a while for it to really hit home for both of us that there was actually something growing in there. My OB got me in to confirm the pregnancy and to track my HcG levels, but even with those confirmations, it was kind of easy for a while to forget that I was pregnant. Even our 6 week ultrasound felt kind of surreal. Then of course the all-day sickness set in not too long after that, and then I started showing so it got a lot easier to "feel" pregnant.

And now here we are 32 weeks later, Baby Girl is bouncing off the walls in there and we're getting close to the final countdown...it's crazy how this time has flown!


auntie ally said...

aww! cute story! You should have a blog about how auntie ally found out about baby jicama. ;)

Sarah said...

want to be a guest blogger? We should get you on here!