Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Doctor Update....sort of....not really

Steve and I went to my 36 week appointment today and nothing really got resolved. Dr. Anthony said we've got one more week to think about trying the external version to try to turn her, and it was interesting because she said the frank breech position wouldn't affect the success rate of the version...I still don't see how it doesn't affect it, but what do I know. She said though that it was completely up to us....if we decided against the version, we'd schedule the c-section for 39 weeks. Steve and I are still leaning against the version but at least we have one more week to think about it. She also put the kibosh on our lake plans so I'm a little disappointed but the health of Baby Girl comes first. I am relieved though that Dr. A didn't move the c-section up because we've got a few more things that need to be knocked out before Baby Girl makes her grand entrance!!

In terms of what's going on with the doc appointments, today I had to get my Group B Strep test done....I won't go into details because it's really not that exciting. If it comes back positive I have to get antibiotics during labor and delivery, but otherwise it doesn't mean much in regards to me- it's more dangerous for the baby. They also did a blood draw today but I don't know what that was for. Aren't I just a barrel full of information today, haha. I go back next Wed for my 37 week appointment and we've got another ultrasound scheduled. I will be seeing my other doctor next week so I'll be interested to see if she has anything new to offer in terms of opinions/info.

One thing we did do this week was a breastfeeding class on Monday night. Although Steve was dragging his heels about it initially, I wanted to go mostly to get a lactation consultant's opinion on the whole epilepsy/can't go multiple nights of interrupted sleep situation, and how she would suggest handling that. We've got Steve's mom coming for a week or two after the birth to help us out and Steve's already prepared to try to handle most of the night time activities, but the internet research wasn't turning up much helpful information for my particular situation. And all the books were basically like, "just get ready to not sleep for 3+ months", which isn't an option for me. And none of the epilepsy medications are on the fully safe list for breastfeeding, so I wanted to try my hardest to avoid going back on medications.

The class itself was highly informative, and our instructor Lynn was awesome. She stayed and talked with us afterward about our situation and she came up with a plan that makes the first week still pretty rough, but will hopefully enable us to give her a bottle starting in the second week for one of the nighttime feedings. Ideally that will give me at least a 6 hour window every night to sleep, after the first week. We'll see how it goes I guess, but I do feel more comfortable having a plan in place for this. She also surprised us by offering to take us on a tour of the birthing center, since we hadn't done that yet and she actually works as a NICU nurse at the hospital, and it was great getting a personal tour of the NICU, birthing wing, c-section room, and the mother/baby wing.

And in other news, college football starts this weekend so here's a cute picture!

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