Monday, September 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We brought our baby girl home from the hospital on Sunday and it is so nice to be home. Emory Johns Creek is a beautiful hospital and the nurses took such good care of us, but there's nothing like your own bed and shower. Plus we finally get to use the nursery and all of Anna's little things! The swing and bouncer are her favorites so far, and we've also got her pack 'n play set up in our bedroom which came in handy last night when we needed to lay her down for a little while.

Our first night went decently well. Anna had some tummy troubles so we were glad that Susan (Steve's mom) was there to help with the night shifts but she seems like she's a lot better today. I'm in quite a lot of pain still from the c-section surgery so my duties are limited to nursing and cuddling (and sleeping!)...Steve and Susan are handling all the diaper changes, cooking, cleaning, etc. Steve is being such an amazing dad and he loves taking care of his girls. Even Kingsley is behaving himself- he's getting used to Anna's crying and he even goes over to her swing to check on her every now and then.

Anna also had her very first trip out of the house today to go to her newborn appointment at the pediatrician. She got the gold star on her report from the doc, everything looks good and she's holding her weight steady. The doctor was also impressed with how well she's nursing, so good job, baby. On a funny note, I was VERY happy that I packed a full diaper bag...I had been debating whether or not I was going overboard for such a short trip but I figured it would be a good trial run. Sure enough, we get Anna undressed to discover that she had filled up her diaper with great gusto- I was relieved that I had her wipes, diaper disposal bags, and fresh diapers!!

I've had several people ask about the c-section/general hospital stay so I will do a separate entry later with Anna's birth story. For now though it's my bedtime, so here are some pictures from today:

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Atlanta, Food and Love said...

Hooray! I am so glad everything went well & you look great! and so does she, obviously...