Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Houdini Dog caught Red-Handed

Steve and I spent a good part of our weekend working on finishing the nursery, and that included a shopping spree at Toys R Us to buy any and all jungle stuffed animals that they had. Steve unloaded them onto the nursery floor, and then carefully shut the nursery door and also the door to the jack and jill bathroom that those two bedrooms share, so that our dog Captain Kingsley couldn't get in. Knowing his penchant for destroying anything with stuffing inside, along with his apparent opinion that any and all toys that enter this house are his, closing the doors seemed like a reasonable precaution.

I go upstairs yesterday to start sorting out our Toys R Us purchases and I pick up the monkey that was going to hang from the ceiling, and his throat is all wet and matted. I'm immediately confused, given that I had to open the door to get inside, and the bathroom door is still firmly closed. I sniffed the monkey, thinking maybe something got spilled on him, and I even checked the floor to see if maybe a glass of water had gotten knocked over or something. But, nope. I'm really confused and the only conclusion I can draw is that Kingsley had somehow gotten himself into and out of the room and had been gnawing on him, but since I had no proof and the monkey wasn't ripped or torn open at all, I just shrugged and hung the monkey up on his hook.

Later that night I go to the porch door to let Kingsley outside, and what do I spot on his paw? The very same sticker that had been on the monkey!! Busted!! Our little Houdini brat was caught red-handed, although we still can't figure out how he got in there! Steve got a few pictures and as you can tell, he seems quite proud and happy with himself. I guess we have to consider this a successful plundering from our pirate Captain.


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Ashley Terry said...

That's hilarious!!! Dogs can be so sneaky sometimes!!!

Janet said...

What did my grandoggie say that had to be removed by the blog administrator??!!!