Monday, September 20, 2010

An incredibly nerdy thought

Seriously nerdy. I can't believe I'm about to type this. But, whatever. You people love me in all my dorky glory, right?

I was contemplating this pregnancy today while admiring my DIY pedicure job (Cirque du Soleil will be calling me any day now, I assure you...those little Chinese contortionists have NOTHING on me) and cursing my swollen feet, and thinking the past 9 months have felt very odd. On one hand it seems like forever ago that I got the happy two lines on the pregnancy test, and it seemed like the months craaaaawled by. But then on the other hand, here we are at the very end and I'm sitting here wondering how the heck 9 months went by already.

It reminds me a lot of the scantron tests that we used to take in school. It might have been the ITBS test...I dunno- teachers, tell me what I'm talking about please. We had to bubble in our names and then also bubble in what grade level we were in. I clearly remember sitting there in early elementary school, in awe that the bubbles went all the way to 12! No way would I actually be in 12th grade at some point...seeing all the numbers laid out in a row, it seemed sooooo far away! I also recall sitting there as my oh-so-cool senior self bubbling in a 12, remembering my elementary school days and thinking how oddly fast the last 8+ years had gone by.

Consider my 9 bubble months filled in, with a #2 pencil of course. I guess this is just a reminder to myself to embrace whatever time we get here with the people we matter what we're going through or what happens, we're blessed to have this time here on earth and it all goes by way too fast.

I will also be thankful that I no longer have to fill out scantron forms, because I hated those things...especially with a long last name!


Janet said...

Waxing nostalgic? I think those hormones are kicking up! hahaha
Love, Mom

Kirby Lynn said...

Well said (: I was just telling Kristyn last night how life with a baby is like some weird time warp that flies by yet sometimes the days seem so long....crazy how that works. I love you and your sweet baby and I'm so proud of you (: Being a mama-to-be is no easy task!