Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keeping the Husband Happy

So, we've obviously been preparing for this baby for 9 months now, and I'm not going to lie, for a while there I would get pretty frustrated when that husband o' mine was blatantly apathetic about purchases and decisions made for the nursery. The preggosaurus would really come out when I would spend hours researching the best diapers, best stroller, best ANYTHING and his response would be, "does it really matter? Just get whatever's in stock." YES IT MATTERS- ROAAAAAAAR!!!!

I finally discovered the keys to getting Hubby interested and invested in this baby prep process. One involved a shopping spree at Toys R Us for a cartload of stuffed animals. The second is picking out baby equipment that is as high-tech as possible, and then getting him to set it up. I've gotten many Happy Husband Hours during these last couple of weeks by putting him in charge of the video monitor (big hit!), the video camera, a crib mobile that does many things beside spin, and anything else that could possibly require batteries or an AC adapter. Bonus points if setting up said item required power tools.

I also stumbled across one unexpected way to engage Hubby's interest earlier today...apparently, if I can somehow relate Baby Prep To-Do to beer brewing, Stevo is all about it. I discovered this today when I pulled out the bottles and pump parts to sterilize and sanitize them...a tedious but necessary task, and one that I thought Steve wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. I was surprised when he treated me to a 20 minute conversation about the difference between sterilizing and sanitizing (courtesy of his beer brewing skills) and the different techniques that I could, in theory, use to keep the bottles sterilized. So, I guess I need to get better about equating Baby to Beer and I'm all set!

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