Friday, September 17, 2010

September Famous Babies

As some of you may know, one of my guilty pleasures is celebrity gossip. Thank you, Perez Hilton. So, now that I'm guaranteed a September baby, (not to mention still knocked off my feet by this cold or whatever that I've managed to catch right here at the end), naturally I had to look up what celebrities were September babies. And cross my fingers that my daughter doesn't share a birthday with any of the whackos!!

Here are some of the ones that I found:

Lily Tomlin, actress- Sept 1
Dr. Phil McGraw, talk show host - Sept 1
Billy Blanks, martial artist and fitness guru - Sept 1

Gloria Estefan, Latina pop star - Sept 1

Keanu Reeves, actor - Sept 2
Salma Hayek, actress - Sept 2
Beyonce Knowles, American singer - Sept 4
Louis XIV, King of France - Sept 5
Freddie Mercury, Lead singer of Queen - Sept 5
Raquel Welch, American actress - Sept 5
Buddy Holly, American rock 'n' roll legend - Sept 7
Pink, American singer - Sept 8

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, actor - Sept 8
Ryan Phillippe, actor - Sept 10
Roald Dahl, British author - Sept 13
Marco Polo, Italian explorer - Sept 15
Agatha Christie, English crime writer - Sept 15
Prince Harry, second son of late Princess Diana - Sept 15

Heidi Montag, TV personality/singer and pure waste of space- Sept 15
David Copperfield, American magician - Sept 16
Amy Poehler, comedienne known for Saturday Night Live - Sept 16
Baz Luhrmann, Australian director of Moulin Rouge! and Romeo & Juliet - Sept 16
Lance Armstrong, Tour de France champion - Sept 18
Nicole Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie- Sept 21

Ray Charles, singer- Sept 23
Mickey Rooney, actor- Sept 23
Jason Alexander, actor- Sept 23
Barbara Walters, talk show host- Sept 25
Bridget Marquardt, Playboy bunny and TV personality- Sept 25

Gene Autry, actor and singer- Sept 29
Truman Capote, author- Sept 30


byinviteonly said...

I feel like, based on these other September babies, "Baby" can either turn out one of two ways...

byinviteonly said...