Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surprise...We're pregnant!

My sister Allyson pointed out a while ago that I never told the stories about how we told the families that we were pregnant. I told her she should come in and write a guest column and she ignored me so I'll take that as my cue to write it myself, haha.

We told Steve's parents VERY early, 5 weeks along. We had initially decided not to tell anybody until closer to the 10-12 week mark just in case something happened, but we were in the sticky situation of Steve needing to fill out insurance papers for his new job at his dad's company. And of course the line RIGHT above where his dad had to sign was the question "are you or your spouse currently pregnant"? Figures. Since we absolutely didn't want them finding out about their first grandchild from an insurance form, we decided to bite the bullet and tell them early. We asked if they wanted to go out to dinner on a random Monday night since we "had to be over by their house anyways to get Steve's new glasses" and luckily they said yes. When the bottle of wine came, Steve said he wanted to offer a toast to his mom's big year..."moving to Madison, sending Kristy to college, turning 50, retiring.....and becoming a grandmother!"

There were a few seconds of silence as his parents processed what he had just said and then his mom's jaw dropped and she said, "WHAT??? YOU'RE PREGNANT?????" and she immediately started tearing up and we all got up to get hugs. Apparently his dad had suspicions ahead of time but his mom had NO idea, so that was a fun surprise. They agreed to keep it a secret for a few more weeks since we were so early into the pregnancy. We ended up telling Brad and Kristy around the same time that we told my family, and we told them in a very similar way, with a toast only Steve changed the toast to them becoming an aunt and uncle this year.

We told my family when I was about 9 or 10 weeks along. We used the excuse that we were going to be over in Marietta antique shopping, so we asked if they wanted to meet up for lunch since we were going to be over there anyways. We sat down at the Marietta Diner and my sister asked what we were shopping for. We said we were looking for window frames to hang in our farm-themed guest bedroom, since my sister had said she had seen some over that way. Allyson then set us up really well to announce our big news by asking if we had decided what we were going to do with the other guest bedroom yet. I said, "well.....not really, yet, but I guess we have another 7 months to figure it out...."

Cue another several seconds of silence while they sat there and tried to figure out what the hell 7 months had to do with anything and then my mom and sister just started shrieking. I pulled out the ultrasound pictures that we had gotten at 6 weeks to show them and we got smothered in hugs again. So if you happened to be in the Marietta Diner that Saturday and a bunch of nutcases were screaming and hugging each other...yup, that was us, haha.

I told my main group of girlfriends right when I hit the 2nd trimester. I had sent out an email several weeks before asking if everyone wanted to get together for dinner. I can't remember if I made up a reason why we needed to go out to dinner or if I just said we all hadn't seen each other in a while, but regardless, the stars aligned and Nicole was in town, and everyone else was free that Thursday, so we made plans to meet up at P.F. Chang's for dinner. As you can imagine with a group of 8 or 9 girls, it was a nonstop gab-fest, so I didn't get a chance to make my announcement until towards the end of dinner. There was a small break in the conversation so I interrupted and said "well girls, I actually had an announcement to make...." and then totally blanked on a cute way to say it (should have thought that one out a little bit more, haha...oops) so they all just sat there and stared at me for a minute and finally I just simply said, "......I'm pregnant." I had JUST started to show a little bit although I was wearing a looser-fitting top, and the girls couldn't believe I had kept a secret that long!

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