Friday, October 1, 2010

Anna's Big Debut - Her Birth Story

I wasn't anticipating getting to post this today but Anna's conked out in her daddy's arms so I'll take advantage of the ability to type with both hands and post her birth story! I will warn my more squeamish readers that there is a surgery pic in here so scroll down fast if you don't want to see it.

As you faithful readers know, we had scheduled a c-section for 39 weeks because of her breech position. Our surgery was scheduled for 9:30 a.m., so we had a 7:00 a.m. report time to the hospital (umm..yikes. With no coffee? Double yikes). We show up, have to go through a bunch of paperwork and liability waivers, and then get moved into a pre-op room around 7:30. The nurse hooks me up to the NST machine so she can get a feeling for the baby's heartbeat and movement, and they also hook me up to a blood pressure monitor and a hydration IV. She also gives me several different pills. One was Zofran to help avoid me having to throw up in the middle of the surgery but I can't remember what the other pills were for. Helpful, right?

After the nurse gets all that settled, we really just kind of sit there for almost an hour. I end up falling asleep, having basically not slept at all the night before, and Steve reads an accounting magazine that he brought with us. Around 9:15 the anesthesiologist comes in to verbally walk me through the upcoming process.

 Please note that my stomach was NOT that big, they had all the sensors on underneath my gown!
Stevo all suited up.

Shortly before 9:30 they bring me into the operating room. The anesthesiologist inserts a spinal block into my back, and that was easily the most painful part of the entire thing. I had my doubts that this spinal block was actually going to do anything, but it really did work. A few minutes later I couldn't feel or move my feet, and a few minutes past that I couldn't feel anything hot or cold on my belly. So, good job, Doc.

As soon as they had me stretched out on the table, the pace really started to pick up. They easily had 8-10 nurses in the room, along with 2 anesthesiologists and my obstetrician. They brought Steve in right before they started operating. My doctor started the surgery right around 9:40, and they had the baby out at 9:46. They told me it would be a fairly quick surgery but I didn't know it would be THAT quick! I could feel them pushing around down there but really couldn't feel anything specific, and definitely no pain. I couldn't see anything because they had a drape set up (not that I cared to see it- ignorance is bliss!) but Steve watched it all as soon as they could see her foot sticking out, and he said it was wild with how much they wrangled the baby and how strong they had to pull her out. Her cord was wrapped around her neck and there was a fair amount of meconium. Anna had swallowed a bunch of the fluid so as soon as they got her out, they took her over to the nurses' table and they spent quite a bit of time suctioning fluids out of her stomach and lungs while the doctor stitched me up.

Once the nurses had gotten all the fluid out, and gotten her washed off a bit, they brought her over so I could see her. We had a quick minute to take a picture:

After this, they took Anna away to clean her up and look her over. Once my doctor finished stitching me up they took me back to my pre-op room while Steve stayed with Anna. I was by myself for at least an hour (during which I fell asleep again) and then the nurse came in to sit with me. We watched The Price Is Right and I thought about how weird it was that somewhere in the hospital I had a daughter. The nurse saw me rolling my sleepy feet around as the anesthesia wore off and apparently that's the signal they were waiting for, so they moved me to the mother and baby wing of the hospital and I finally got to be with my baby (11:30 a.m.). The nurses said it's not normally supposed to take that long to get the baby back to the mother but they had a hard time getting little Anna's temperature back up so they could give her a bath. So she had been hanging out under the heat lamps getting a suntan while her poor momma waited for her! Her Apgar score (the score they use to judge the health of the baby) was initially a 4 because of her temperature and the fluid in her lungs but once they got her taken care of, she was bumped up to a 9 out of 10- so a very healthy baby!

We stayed in the hospital for 3 days, which is standard for a c-section. The first 12 hours I was on full bed rest with a catheter and a morphine drip. I will say that when the nurses came in and helped me get up to go to the bathroom and take the catheter out was easily the most excruciating pain that I've ever been in, even with the morphine. Holy hell. At that minute I was thinking that anyone who says a c-section is the easier option is an idiot. After 24 hours they took the morphine drip out and I switched to pill painkillers. Each day in the hospital I felt a little bit better, and the nurses had me walk up and down the halls to get my muscles loosened up. Walking was definitely not an easy task and getting up and down in bed was NOT fun, but when I just laid there it wasn't too bad. The only complication I had was that my blood pressure was consistently pretty high, which is odd because I've never had blood pressure issues, even when I was pregnant.

Recovery at home has been decent- still a lot of pain even a week later but every day it's better, I just have to make sure not to be overly ambitious. Today we went to the doctor and to the library and by the end of the library I was in a lot of pain, so apparently that's my limit. I came home to take some Percocet and a nap and felt a lot better. Having this little baby in my arms is worth it though and I'm just happy she came out healthy!!

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What a great story Sarah...congratulations to you and Steve again!