Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Road Trip and other Forbes Family Fun

Anna Banana went on her very first road trip this past weekend to the charming little town of Madison, GA to visit Steve's parents in their newly renovated (but very old) home. Anna did very well in the car and at the house- overall it was a fun weekend full of 5k race running, croquet championships, and lots of relaxation. Although I obviously didn't participate in the 5k, the route went right by the house so I was able to sit outside and take pictures and cheer all my runners on. Afterward, I braved my very first walk down to the park to see the awards presentation. I was glad I went because both Steve and Brad got trophies, although I definitely felt that walk the entire rest of the day and kind of even into today too. It might have been a little overly ambitious, in hindsight, but oh well.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend:

 Ignore me in this picture- 7 a.m. with no makeup or shower does not a pretty picture make. Look at the pretty house, instead. It's the only house picture we got this weekend.

This outfit is her daddy's favorite. I changed her into this after she peed all over her Tennessee onesie.


Janet said...

She really looks like she could be enthralled in conversation!
Wow, that house!

Jazmin said...

She is too cute! And you look good in that always do!