Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Freezer Meals

Even though I got hit with the flu and a bunch of other yuckiness right at the end, I made myself get in the kitchen and put together some meals that are freezer-friendly, so we could easily pull them out and heat as needed after the baby came. Although I didn't make near as much as I was originally planning, I haven't had to cook once in 3 weeks and we've still got a bunch of stuff in the freezer (we had a few nights of friends and family dinners too- all delicious!). We've tried most of the meals now at this point and they've been pretty tasty, so I thought I'd share the recipes in case anyone else feels the need to stock the freezer. Whether you're expecting a baby or just want to make weekday dinners a little easier, I have to say this freezer dinner idea is a pretty good one. I should have been doing this all along!!

For breakfasts, I just made a bunch of muffins, stuck them in bags and stuck them in the freezer. I also bought a bunch of bagels at the store and froze those too. We also bought 4 or 5 loaves of bread and froze them, since we go through bread pretty quickly. We also bought a bunch of bags of the Steamfresh veggies, for easy side dishes.

For dinners, I basically scoured the internet and bookmarked a bunch that looked good. So far our favorites are the chicken enchiladas and the BBQ chicken, but they're all tasty.

Shredded BBQ Chicken (
Stir Fry Packets (
Zucchini Soup (
Sweet and Sour Chicken (
Chicken Enchiladas (
Meatballs (

The nice thing about all of the dinner dishes above, apart from the enchiladas, is that I was able to store them flat in Ziploc freezer bags. That helped save a LOT of space in our freezer vs. using casserole dishes or pans. I wrote the heating/cooking directions on the bags with a sharpie so I didn't have to look up the recipes again when we were ready to eat.  Each recipe made at least 2-3 nights worth.

If I had had more time/energy, I had also planned to make chicken pot pies and a few other pasta dishes like baked ziti and mostaccioli, a family favorite. But, life is life, and so far the list that I did make is serving us pretty well!

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