Friday, October 29, 2010

Gray Skies are Gonna Clear up- Put on a Happy Face!

Well, we're wrapping up the roughest week so far in Anna's little life. Steve was out of town all week and Anna picked this week to be the fussiest she's EVER been. I just couldn't make this baby happy...she was either sleeping or screaming, and not much in between (Kathryn can vouch for that!). Today is the first day that she's really been remotely calm, even while we were at the pediatrician. She's actually sleeping in her swing right now...and I'm not kidding when I say this is the first time during the day that she's slept anywhere besides my arms this entire week.

Throw in some family health problems, expensive plumbing issues, c-section incision bleeding (everything's okay, Doc fixed it), an abnormally clingy Captain, major thunderstorms, and not sleeping very well...needless to say, I'm glad this week is over!!

I did have a couple of bright spots. Kathryn came up to visit last night and it was SO nice to have some girl time. And also exciting- Anna gave me her very first real smile yesterday! We've seen a couple of gassy half-grins, but yesterday was her first actual smile. I had pulled her out of her wrap (I'm adding the Moby wrap to my list of newborn must-haves, btw) to feed her, and as I was waiting for her to wake up a bit, I cooed at her "There's Anna! She's been hiding all day! Where have you been hiding, Baby girl??" and she looked right at me and grinned. Of course it's the one time I didn't have a camera nearby, but believe me, I will get a picture of this baby smiling, even if I have to stalk her National Geographic style. She smiled at the doctor today too, so hopefully she's got a few grins stored up for her daddy. The weather is also finally feeling like fall, so that has helped put me in a better mood too.

The other good news from the pediatrician is that Anna is now 10 lbs, 13.5 ounces. She flew right past her birth weight and is almost at 11 lbs now! No wonder we've had to retire some of her former favorite outfits...this little pumpkin just doesn't fit in them anymore! The pediatrician was very pleased, so now we don't have to go back until her 2 month appointment. Her black and orange Halloween leg warmers were a big hit with the doc and nurses...such a festive little baby!

I've been a massive slacker with pictures this week because, well...Anna is hard to take pictures of when she's screaming. But here were a few that I took while holding her so I could email them up to her daddy. 


Janet said...

Some of those smile moments are meant only for you, Mom, to treasure in your heart always!

Auntie Ally said...

She is so cute. I cannot wait to see her again! muah muah MUAH!!!!!