Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to be a Good Baby Guest

We've had a BUNCH of family and friends over to visit since Baby Anna's big arrival, and they have all been fantastic guests. I've been touched at how courteous and helpful they've been, between bringing meals or offering to help with various things, or even picking up items at the store for us on the way over (thanks Auntie Ally!). Honestly it kind of makes me ashamed that I haven't been a better Baby Guest in the past. So new mommas who I haven't been a good Baby Guest for, please accept my apologies- consider this lesson learned!

Here are some of the helpful things that my guests have taught me about being a good Baby Guest:

1) Wash your hands when you first arrive and before you hold or touch the baby. Also make sure to wash your hands after using the rest room or if you cough or sneeze. It might feel over the top but with a baby's underdeveloped immune system (and that pesky cold and flu season!) you will help put a worried momma's mind at ease and help protect the little one. I can guarantee you that any new momma will have at least 14 bottles of hand sanitizer and at least 4 different varieties of hand soap within easy reach!

And it probably goes without saying that if you're sick or have been around sick people recently, take a rain check on the visit and come when you're better! I've had two friends already delay their visit and you have no idea how much I appreciated that.

2) Offer to pick up anything from the grocery store on your way over. Although I'm lucky to have a hubby that will stop by on his way home from work, it's been really nice when folks offer, especially since my mobility has been pretty limited.

3) Offer to bring dinner. Always appreciated! If said dinner is accompanied by a bottle of wine, even better, haha.

4) Schedule a specific time to arrive ahead of time and do your very best to stick to that time. We try to have the baby fed and changed ahead of time and being super late or super early throws it off. Of course, Baby Anna follows her own schedule, like a true little diva, and I definitely appreciate guests being flexible and offering to entertain themselves for a while if they just got there and Anna needs to nurse, or if they've been there a while, taking the initiative to leave when Anna gets hungry and cries.

5) Don't judge my dirty, dusty house. I've admittedly let my compulsive standards slide a bit since the baby came and although I always strive to avoid chaos (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), some days are better than others so there is a pretty good likelihood that you might see some dog hair or dust while you're here. Ignoring it is a very kind courtesy :-).

6) Come armed with at least one piece of interesting gossip or news item. Adult conversation is already much appreciated, even with just a 3 week old!

7) Smile pretty for pictures. Yes, we're the obnoxious parents who have kept the camera on the side table and take pictures of her doing ANYTHING. We love taking pics of her with all our family and friends, and I love that everyone's been a good sport about it.

And speaking of pictures, no post would be truly complete without some. Here you go!

Family nap time!

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