Friday, October 22, 2010

My Little Social Butterfly

Baby Girl celebrated her one month "birthday" yesterday (more on that in an upcoming babble) and she's been a busy little bee recently. We've had lots of visitors both familiar and new, lots of interesting new noises (I have an extremely vocal baby which I choose to chalk up to her being a baby genius), and even an interest in a few of her toys. This week was the first time she didn't scream and cry when her light-up seahorse started playing music!

 Anna slept on her grandma for at least an hour...neither of them seemed too interested in moving!
 Baby Friends! Little Felicity came over to meet Anna
 And here's Kirby, Felicity's pretty momma

We also had our first major outing yesterday, and it was also the first one completely sans Steve. Since Anna is now a month old, I decided it was time to re-live my old commute and drive to Gwinnett to introduce her to my old co-workers. I also made plans to meet up with one of my BFFs, Kara, for lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots.

The trip started out kind of rough. Anna screamed like a banshee the entire drive over there, and I actually pulled over and stopped several times to make sure she wasn't dying. I don't know if it was all the red lights (damn you, Gwinnett County) or my singing (smart girl), but that was one unhappy baby. She was perfectly content when I stopped in a parking lot and pulled her out of her car seat to hold her, but needless to say, that didn't get us any closer to our lunch destination. I discovered in the final stretch that Elvis Presley calms her down, so thank you, iPod!!

Once we got to Fini's Pizza though, she calmed right down and slept the entire time we ate and talked. She even let Kara hold her. What a good baby!

After lunch, I bundled her back up and drove over to my old office. It was fun seeing everyone again and everyone got a huge kick out of seeing baby Anna for the very first time. Only a few people knew that I was coming so it seemed like a fun surprise for people who didn't get the heads up ahead of time.

So yup, things have been busy and we have another fun weekend ahead of us with birthday celebrations for Auntie Ally, a few in-town errands planned, and getting ready for Steve to go out of town next week...the girls will be on their own and Kingsley will be the man of the house- wish us luck with that!


Kirby Lynn said...

I love the pictures! Maybe next time I will be better at holding 2 babies at once (: Give that sweet girl some love from the Clelands!

Kathryn said...

Oh my gosh those pictures of Felicity and Anna looking at each other are too cute!

Auntie Ally said...

awww! she loves her auntie! Happy 1 month birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Ahhh! I agree with Ryn!! How cute is that picture of the two babes looking at each other - I can't wait to meet her =)

Janet said...

She's absolutely perfect! And HOORAY for Elvis! I love these pictures!