Monday, October 11, 2010

My Newborn Baby Must-Haves

We're getting close to 3 weeks with our little one, and I've had a couple of expectant mother friends ask what our "must have" items have been for a newborn. I honestly think everyone's list would probably be a little different (or maybe even a lot different) depending on the baby, but I'll share our list so far! Surprisingly, most of this stuff on the list were items that we received as gifts, so if you were the giver of one of these, give yourself a big high five!

In no particular order, with links to whatever store Google came up with first:

1) Video Monitor - I wasn't totally convinced that we needed a video monitor, but Steve talked me into it and I'm glad he did! It's VERY nice (especially at 4:30 in the morning!) to sneak a quick peek at the baby to make sure she's sound asleep. She's also a very vocal baby so we can easily look to see if she's actually awake or just making noises. Money very well spent, in my opinion!

2) Boppy Pillow - This especially came in handy at the hospital when my belly was in a LOT of pain, but we've used it a ton at home too. From using it to boost up the baby while nursing, holding up my arm while she's sleeping, modified tummy time, and even for her newborn photo shoot, this pillow has definitely been used pretty much every day since Anna was born.

3) Bouncer - this little gem is pretty much the only reason I'm able to get any sleep at night, and anything done during the day. We quickly discovered that Anna had very little motivation to sleep in either her crib or her pack 'n play, and the only place she was interested in was her mommy's arms. Although I love snuggle time, it wasn't totally practical 24/7, and we were thrilled to discover that Anna is quite content (usually) to sleep in her bouncer. We put it in her crib so we can still use the monitor, or we set it in the pack 'n play in our bedroom if I want her closer by.

4) Stroller - We had originally looked at travel systems but found them to be really big, bulky, and heavy. We discovered this stroller at Babies R Us and loved it- it was so much easier to maneuver, could handle walks at the park, and was a cinch to fold up. Now that I have to do said folding one-handed sometimes, I'm glad that we opted for this stroller!

5) Receiving Blankets - I received a bunch of these at my showers but I had no idea that they would be used so heavily. My mother-in-law actually went out the day after we came home from the hospital and bought more because we were using them so much. They make it easy to layer at night, so adjusting Anna's temperature is easy, we roll them up in the middle of her Boppy so she can lay on it for tummy time, we use them when we go out to create a lightweight sun shade over her car seat, we roll them on either side of her when she's in her swing, and countless other uses throughout the day.

6) Pack N Play - We go out of town fairly frequently so we originally registered for this with travel in mind, but it has been very useful already. We have it set up in our bedroom, and it's very handy if I need to lay her down for a few minutes, like to do my makeup or take a shower. We've also let her sleep in there (in her bouncer) a few times when she's been fussy. We could pretty easily get by without this right now but it's a nice luxury to be able to have her sleeping safely nearby, so I'm glad we have it!

7) Moby Wrap- I had bought a cheaper sling which was good for helping to support her weight, but I never really felt comfortable fully letting go and trusting the sling. I finally found a Moby wrap for half price (brand new!) at a consignment store and I love this thing. It took me 5 minutes to learn how to tie it, and Anna is perfectly happy to hang out in this thing ALL day. It's awesome to be able to keep her close and still have both hands to get stuff done around the house. Plus I know it will be great to be able to pop her into this if I'm going shopping or something...much easier than carrying her car seat and hopefully it will keep her happier too.

Obviously this list isn't necessarily the essentials, but these items have definitely made our lives a little (or a lot!!) easier! Any other mommas out there have any items that they swear by for a newborn?

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Janet said...

heeheehee I think a Daddy would top my list! So glad baby Anna has one of those!!