Friday, October 22, 2010

One Month Old!

Our beautiful baby girl is one month old, and I can't even tell you how much I love this little girl. I don't know what we did in the karmic heavens to deserve this sweet baby but I'm so grateful for it!

Anna is awake for a little bit more during the day and although I don't really know what else to do with her besides babble at her like an idiot, it is fun to be able to interact with her. She's also very slowly developing an interest in her toys, including the ones that play music and light up like her Pack and Play and her seahorse that Susan bought her. I also put together the play mat that Steve bought while I was still pregnant- Anna laid in it for about 2 minutes before she started getting fussy but I think she'll have fun in it when she's a little bit older! She also looks around a lot when we're on our neighborhood walks, especially if I'm carrying her instead of pushing her in the stroller.

Our baby girl has also started sleeping just a liiiiiiittle bit more at night. She's averaging between 3.5 and 4 hour stretches before wanting to wake up and eat. The first night she slept that long (she had been going 2.5-3 hours) I kept waking up and checking on her with the video monitor, and at one point I even woke up Steve to see if he thought I should go wake her up. She seems content though so now I'm just enjoying the extra sleep time! She's still sleeping in her bouncer, but I've started laying her down in her Pack and Play for some of her shorter naps, and her favorite place to sleep is still curled up like a little frog on my chest or her daddy's chest.

We did decide to go ahead and make the plunge into cloth diapers earlier than we were planning to. Our poor princess's tushy was getting irritated no matter what brand of diapers or diaper rash cream we tried, and since the cost of the cloth diapers evened out almost exactly with how much it would cost to keep buying disposables for the next 3-4 months (until she needs the next size), we decided to go for it. We're only a few days in, but so far so good, and her tushy already looks a lot better. I'll do another post on that later since a lot of people had been interested in hearing more about it, but for right now I'm just happy to not see sad red skin every time I change her!

To wrap it up, here's a couple of one month pictures for you- she's cuddled up next to the teddy bear that our friend Gordon brought her while we were still in the hospital.

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