Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scrub a dub dub, Anna's in the tub!

Last Saturday, Anna's little belly cord fell off and after giving it a few days to finish healing, we decided that last night was time to switch from sponge baths to her very first bathtub bath. We filled up her whale tub and used her Bedtime Bath wash. Steve handled the washing since bending over is still uncomfortable for me, so I took the opportunity to take lots of pictures. I have to admit, I was anticipating a lot of screaming and crying because I had heard that newborns don't like baths, but Anna loved it! She didn't cry a single time and just sat there looking up at me and her daddy. What a good girl!


Kelly Hayes said...

so sweet!!!! i love her full head of hair too! happy family indeed ;-)

Auntie Ally said...

I LOVE THIS KID!!!!!!!!!!