Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From the heart and made by hand

This lucky little girl has been blessed by many beautiful and thoughtful presents, and among the most cherished are the ones that our friends and family have made by hand. As a very amateur knitter, I know how much time and energy goes into these projects, and I look forward to telling Anna, when she's older, all about these items and the very special people that made them for her. I also look forward to finally finishing my own little pink and white blanket to add to her collection...I put the project on hold for a few months but I'm almost done!

 This adorable blanket was made by a friend I met through work, Paige Havens. She was my boss's BFF and came by the office all the time, so she got to see my belly progressing. She surprised me with this blanket at my work shower and I was so touched that she would put that much effort into a gift for my little one!
 This blanket arrived just the other day, and was knitted by Anna's honorary great-grandmother, Betty. Since my family grew up with very little relationship with my grandparents, I'm thrilled that Anna not only has two sets of healthy young grandparents, but also great-grandparents who she will get to meet soon! She will meet Granddad Don and Betty at Christmas, and then Granddad Jack and Grandma Joan in Raleigh in January.

I especially love these two items...these were both made by my very dear friend Kathryn and given to Anna at my baby shower. The green blanket is what's usually on the back of the glider and I love being able to snuggle Anna in it during the night when she's nursing. And I think the hat will fit just in time for the cold weather. I have absolutely no idea how she made the hat beyond knitting magic, but I love both of them and I know Anna will keep these forever.

The last one really was unexpected, but nearly brought this hormonal momma to tears in the hospital. It's a well-known anecdote that our friend Andrew got himself ordained as a reverend online years ago in the hopes that we would let him marry us. That obviously didn't happen, but it's a fairly frequent joke that he uses his reverend status to bless random things around the house on guys' weekends. Like...beer. Or fishing poles. When Andrew and Gordon came to see us in the hospital, Steve warned me ahead of time that Andrew was going to bless the baby. And...needless to say, I thought it was going to be a gigantic joke. It turned out that he had looked up baby blessings online, didn't see anything he liked, so he wrote his own just for our little girl. He read it to her in the hospital and it was so touching...pair that with Gordon's big teddy bear and flowers, and I think our best guy friends are a bunch of softies at heart  :-).

Anna's Blessing

May the Lord bless you and keep you every day and each night
And in darkness send angels to shine a bright light
May twinkling stars keep watch over your bed
As your dreams about dreams dance around in your head
May you be kind and gentle when ill will is abound
And be elegant and graceful when trouble is found
May good luck come with every step that you make
And peace be with you every breath that you take
And as sure as your smile that sparkles and glows
May you be more beautiful than the Cherokee Rose
Such a sweet little gift, sent from heaven
Live without fear and your love be neverending

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Janet said...

All of these are just beautiful, and yes, I hope she keeps them forever!