Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 2 months old today! This past month has been a fun one. Anna is really starting to be awake and alert, and cooing up a storm. Steve got a big giggle out of her the other day when he was changing her, and he was so excited about it (hopefully that will motivate him to change a few more diapers, haha). Anna smiles frequently throughout the day and is pretty much constantly making noises and sounds.

She loves being held and cuddled, and her new favorite thing is to have her mommy and daddy sing to her. Steve is a lot better at making up songs for her, but now I have started to introduce Christmas songs into my Anna repertoire so I have a bit more to go on. As a side note, has anyone else noticed that a lot of nursery rhymes and baby songs are actually kind of disturbing, once you really look at the lyrics? I've phased out any songs that involve babies falling out of trees or leaving or any other disturbing things, and replaced them with new ones, whether they are made up or not. The newest one is "this baby is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S". I got a giggle with that one, so thank you, Gwen Stefani! She also enjoys the college fight songs (UT, UGA, and NC State), especially when we have her dance along with them. I sat down with her at the piano the other day and helped press her hands on the keys and the look on her face when noise actually came out of the piano was priceless.

Anna also had her very first roll over this month. She hasn't done it again since then so it might have been a fluke, but we'll keep trying and I now have the video camera trained on her every single Tummy Time, hoping to catch her in action. She also has really started to grab things and hold on for dear life- fingers, shirts, hair...pretty much anything she can get her fingers around!

The other new thing that she's been doing is "swimming" in her whale bathtub. She loves being in the bath (not so much the getting out process, haha), and loves it when I splash the water. She will sit there and kick her legs the entire time like a little frog, and when she pairs her frog kicks with a little giggle, it really is the cutest thing in the world. We've started giving her a bath every night, now that we've found a soap that doesn't dry out her skin (California Baby, from Target).

Next week we will really start emphasizing the nighttime routine and also start transitioning her to sleeping in the crib instead of her bouncer. I'm still terrified that she's going to choke like she did in the hospital but the pediatrician keeps reassuring me that it's a lot more common for brand-new newborns to choke like that, vs. a 2 month old. We are going to try elevating her mattress too a little bit but I know that at least for the first few nights, I'm going to be glued to the video monitor to make sure she's okay! Anna is still waking up every 3 hours on the dot to eat...I keep asking her when she's going to start letting her momma get some more sleep, but so far we've only had a couple of longer stretches. I figure we'll get there soon enough, when she's ready, and the 3 hour stretches aren't so bad.

Anna also had her 2 month pediatrician appointment yesterday, which she was not impressed with. The timing ended up being horrible...she woke up later than she normally does (exhausted from the big fun lake weekend!), and so the appointment ended up starting RIGHT when she wanted to eat. Damn it. So needless to say she screamed the entire time- I kept trying to feed her a little bit while we were waiting for the nurses/doctor but it didn't really help much. The only good thing about it was that she was already so upset that she didn't even notice when the nurse gave her the very first vaccination shots...two in one leg and one in the other, plus an oral vaccine and an oral dose of baby Tylenol. The nurse said that usually the oral one is the easiest one to give...not so much when the baby is screaming!

The doctor was thrilled with how healthy Anna is. She weighed in at 12 lbs, 10.4 ounces, and has gained an inch and a half to measure in at 22 inches. It certainly makes sense, given how she's grown out of most of her newborn clothes and even a few of her 0-3 months footed pajamas. I get a little sad every time I pull an outfit out of the closet and into her storage box because it doesn't fit anymore, but I know she's got a LOT of cute outfits to grow into. Just don't get there too fast, Baby Girl!!

We are now gearing up to be in Madison with Steve's parents for Thanksgiving...we ended up packing a good combination of things while we were up at the lake this weekend and it went SO much smoother than our last out of town attempts, so we'll be taking the same things this weekend- her swing, her rock 'n play, her monitor, a LOT more outfits, a fan for some white noise, and her bathtub. And her new pacifiers since her old ones are too small now!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Kathryn said...

She is just so darn cute! (even when screaming) Be sure to sing her jingle bells (not in monotone) and blow out the candles Jesus. (I don't even remember what song that really was...)

Janet said...

And the one we learned from Aunt Margaret- "I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas" with every vowel sound. I'm looking for some music books for you.
She's absolutely precious! And she gets cuter every time I see a new picture!
So far, you're battin' a thousand, Mom and Dad!!

kelly greer said...

So sweet! Enjoy EVERY minute! Happy Thanksgiving Sarah!