Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 3 months old today, just in time for Christmas! It's amazing how much she's grown and changed since she was born- every week brings new adventures, personality, and "favorites". She can roll over during tummy time pretty consistently when she tries, and she still loves her play mat more than anything. Anna will also smile whenever her mommy or daddy are smiling at her, and she surprised us today by doing her funny little inhale giggle while we were laughing in the kitchen. She wanted to be in on the joke too!

We're still working on sleeping (anyone who read my long rambling post the other day- I abandoned my initial plan and we're trying a new tactic. And she went right back to her 3 hour increments last night, thank God. I appreciate everyone's advice on that!), but I'm optimistic that we'll get there eventually and as long as she's happy and healthy in the meantime, then I'm happy.

In the last couple of weeks, Anna discovered her hands and that it's fun to gnaw on them. She rarely takes her pacifier anymore, preferring to suck on her fingers or fists. She also loves gripping our fingers and getting pulled up to a sitting position when she's lying on my knees. And just in the last week, she's started holding on to the dangling toys on her play mat. She's not quite to the point where she reaches for them on purpose, but she will hold on if it hits her hand. I figure reaching isn't too far away!

 We don't have a doctor appointment this month so I don't really know how much she weighs, but my approximations based on our bathroom scale put her somewhere around 14 lbs, give or take. All of her newborn clothes are packed away, and she's most comfortable now in the 3-6 month size clothes.
We've also 100% made the transition to Anna sleeping flat in her crib. Up until a couple of weeks ago, she would still sleep in her nursery, but in her bouncer. Her poor momma was traumatized from Anna choking in the hospital so she had been terrified to lay her flat, but we eased into it and Anna wasn't even fazed by it. Of course she would prefer to sleep in her mommy's arms but she still sleeps in her crib like a champ! We've also set up her Pack N Play in the living room where sometimes she'll nap, but she still likes napping in her swing. It will be a sad day when she outgrows that swing!!

Anna also started smiling a LOT bigger than she used to in the past. I absolutely adore it, especially when she scrunches up her nose at the same time. Indulge me in a photo collection of this new smile!!

Happy 3 month "birthday", Baby Girl! We love you!

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Janet said...

Isn't it amazing to have this little person in your life? Every day brings new joy and laughter and love to Mom, Dad, and baby. That's exactly the way families are meant to be!
Being a mother has been the BEST experience of my entire life- I would never trade those moments of wonder and joy for anything!