Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anna's Very First Christmas List

One of the most common questions I'm getting these days is what we're getting Anna for Christmas! Honestly we're really not getting her much, given that she will have zero recollection of this holiday, haha. And we're on a tight budget so we're going easy this Christmas!

That being said, we do have a couple of things lined up in the "to purchase" queue...not sure all of this stuff is going to be bought before Christmas but I've found it helpful to map stuff out like this ahead of time so we're not constantly going to the store for her. And it's not like she's going to be able to unwrap presents so I'm not stressing about getting stuff under our nonexistent tree.

Anna's still a few weeks out from outgrowing her prefold diapers and although I really do like the prefolds, I have been wanting to add a few of these pocket diapers to our stash. They are more portable for the diaper bag and more self-contained than the prefolds, but definitely more expensive...each one of these run about $17 a pop. They are designed though to be adjustable up until potty-training age so I know that we'll get our money's worth. I've started slowly buying these as I see good deals on them and intend to use them in conjunction with the next size up of prefolds. This particular brand is the BumGenius, and I'm also interested in the FuzziBunz and the Blueberry brands. I've got a couple of BumGenius and the FuzziBunz on the way and I'm excited to try them.

Okay, I fully acknowledge that this is probably the most ridiculous thing on the list, haha. I've just heard so many good things about this teether that it's hard for me to cross it off the list, although I think it's ridiculous to spend $20 on a teether. I love that it's a classic (originally made in 1961), BPA free, and lots of little parts for a teething baby to gnaw on. And Sophie the Giraffe is originally from France, so obviously my Francophile self already likes it!

My wonderful mother-in-law has already claimed this for her gift to Anna, but I'm super excited about it. Since Anna already has exceptional head control and loves to sit up, I figure she's getting pretty close to being able to use a jumperoo. And it will help free up my hands if she can entertain herself for a little while every day, haha. This one had good reviews online and I have a few friends that had the previous model, the rainforest one, so I hope Anna likes this one! Luckily we have the floor space to have it set up permanently, although I do laugh that my living room is slowly turning into one of "those" rooms full of kid stuff.

I already have a ton of these down in the basement, but I love these ornament storage boxes. They keep all the ornaments safe and well-organized, and they are very easy to carry up and down the basement stairs. I am carrying on my mom's tradition of buying each kid their very own ornament every year, so that when they are ready to move out on their own they will have their own collection to take. It was also fun every year to trim the tree and to see our "own" ornaments. I'm taking it one step further though and giving each kid their own storage box, so that we can always remember whose ornament was whose, and so that they can easily see their collection grow! We are going to resist the temptation to fill it up quickly though...the point is to only add one ornament a year :-). I had already purchased Anna's ornament for this year, but Kingsley got his teeth into it (stupid Mommy left it on the table while she was wrapping up her ornaments for the girls' ornament exchange) so we will be making another shopping trip, haha.

That's just about it...she really doesn't need much so this Christmas will be a piece of cake. We know we've only got a few more years before she starts handing us a list full of toys and gadgets and whatever else little girls have their hearts set on (including a pony, of course)!

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Kirby Lynn said...

Felicity is getting Sophie the Giraffe for Christmas (: Haha probably a little late considering 2 teeth are poking out nice and far, but it will be used for plenty others!