Monday, December 20, 2010

A DIY Project- Indoor Drying Lines

Since staying at home all day, I've found a lot of ways to make the house run smoother and stay more organized. And I've discovered that although I have a great talent for thinking up said solutions (if I may say so myself), I don't have any of the skills to actually carry out the projects. Lucky for me, I have a handy husband who is generally willing to listen to my ideas and figure out how to make them happen with minimal cost, headache, or damage to our house.

This project came about when I expanded my cloth diaper collection just in time for the weather here to freeze. While I still plan to put a retractable clothes line up outside (the sun is great for the diapers), I really wanted a way to be able to hang up all my cloth diapers inside too...without having drying racks scattered all over my house. Handy Husband returned all the wrong stuff that I bought at Home Depot, bought the right stuff, and installed my new drying lines just in time for the Wednesday dirty diaper laundry!

Of course I forgot to take pictures before I had already pulled a few off the line, but you get the drift.
This project ended up costing less than $10 and less than 30 minutes to complete, and will greatly help the life and appearance of our diapers. And my lace undies, and Stevo's button-down shirts, and whatever else I can throw up there!
I also can now easily shut the laundry door if people come over and stuff is hanging up. And even better- I don't have to store anything, set anything up, or take anything down when I need to hang anything! I also love that these lines take up very little room in my galley-style laundry room...making it very easy on this busy momma to get in there and to keep that washing machine going!

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