Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You've had a Birthday, shout Hooray!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday (gah!) and we kept it pretty low-key but it was still a wonderful day. I had my beautiful baby girl with me (and awake!) the whole day and that's all I really cared about. Last year, whenever Steve asked me what I wanted for x gift giving occasion, I would say that all I wanted was a baby. Well, now I have one and Steve could probably milk this for a few more years of gifts (but don't tell him that!).

Steve and I also finally went out together for the very first time besides a 30 minute Walmart run over Thanksgiving. It turns out that there are very few things that I'm willing to leave Anna for, if her Daddy isn't staying back to watch her (much to my mom's dismay, haha). Dinner? meh. Shopping? meh. All expenses paid Caribbean cruise? meh...well, maybe. If that one ever comes around we'll see how I feel!!

Well, finally something came up and although I resisted for weeks, I called my mom and asked if she'd watch Anna. Those who know me well probably can guess what it was....yup, the 7th Harry Potter movie. We chose to go to a matinee since Anna's usually asleep, and Mom and Auntie Ally came over to babysit. I was nervous because Anna wasn't too interested in eating before I left, and given that it's a 3 hour movie, I was anticipating disaster. I thawed out a bottle for her just in case, but given that Anna's only had one or two other bottles in her entire lifetime, I wasn't sure how that would go either.

Regardless, we got out the door on time and I only texted Allyson once to make sure everything was okay. Anna took the bottle just fine once they warmed it up, and drank almost half of the 5 ounces I put in there. Auntie Ally changed her very first diaper (and she didn't even use the disposables I had put out for them! High five, guys!). Anna discovered a new favorite toy (jingle bells) and Allyson finally got to experience the joy of holding a baby that's not screaming. The movie was long though, and Steve was laughing at how I obviously couldn't wait to get out of the car when we got home. I gave Anna a bunch of kisses and snuggles and promised not to leave her again....well, until next year, for the final Harry Potter movie!

Here are some pictures, stolen from the happy babysitters:

 It makes me laugh that they documented Allyson's first diaper change, haha. Isn't her cloth diaper cute?

Happy mama!


Kirby Lynn said...

Yay! So glad you had fun and that things went smoothly!

Ally said...

She's awesome whether she is screaming in my face or not! I love her!