Monday, January 24, 2011

4 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 4 months old (plus one day). We just got back from her pediatrician appointment and Anna is healthy as can be. Her doctor gave her an A+ (and a gold star for good measure!). Good job baby!

 (This is her "household pest" outfit. Our house is plagued by deer, raccoons, and squirrels...all represented on this outfit, haha. The only pest missing is Captain K.)

She is 16 lbs, 5.2 ounces, and is 25 inches long. The doctor said she thinks she's either in the middle of, or wrapping up, a growth spurt, which she thinks is the reason she hasn't been sleeping as well at night. I certainly believe the growth spurt- this little girl is going through her clothes like nobody's business! I pulled out one of her kimono onesies today because she had to get her shots, and it seriously feels like just yesterday that these onesies were enormous on her. They are sized for 6 months and fit her perfectly. She's also in a lot of 6 month footed onesies because most of her 3-6 month ones are too short.
whoops! Don't fall over, baby!

No teeth yet (oops...I have to go back and delete that other post!)...I got a chance to look in her mouth the other day and didn't see anything either, so we jumped the gun on that. Silly Daddy. Anna was all smiles for most of her appointment and even treated the doctor to one of her little giggles. She only screamed for a few minutes after her shots, and she spit most of her oral vaccine out...the nurse had to keep scooping it back into her mouth.
 Today was the first time she ever noticed the bear...she kept reaching out to grab him and pet his fur.
Anna has really become a lot more actively observant this month. She is constantly looking around, and she LOVES to watch us eat. We'll pull her rocker up next to the table and she will watch every single bite. She also has started holding on to her toys, and especially loves putting them in her mouth. We've started giving her some small teething rings to gnaw on, but her favorite "chew toys" are still her hands and her momma's fingers. We're going to hold off on solids until she's 6 months old (and the doc agrees), since she's doing SO well on just milk, but I think she's starting to get excited for some new tastes!

She will roll over during tummy time, but not consistently yet. Her favorite spot to do her tummy time is on her Boppy, watching her crib toys. And yes, she's still got her bald spot from where she rubs her head lying in the crib, haha. It's starting to fill in a bit though, which I'm sure she's happy about. Speaking of her hair, it's still definitely a light brown, but there is a reddish sheen in the sunlight, which I'm ecstatic about. Her auntie Kristy has the prettiest red hair and her Daddy has red hints in his, which I would love for Anna to inherit!

I love that ruffle butt!

She is starting to really love being in her jumperoo. And she's allllllllmost big enough to reach her feet to the floor to jump by herself- not quite there yet though! She's moved on from the spinning toy and loves staring at the flashing lights as they play music. She's even started to hit the buttons herself, although I think it's more on accident than on purpose. She also still loves her play mat...she has started to hold on to her caterpillar toy and the bee toy. Anna also still loves to roll her tushy up so she can kick the toys. It's probably a pretty good ab workout. Baby pilates?

Quit taking pictures, Mom. Not amused.

Now that the holidays are over, we've been getting out a lot more with our various mommy groups and play groups. Anna is still among the youngest in all of the groups, but she LOVES watching the older kids play. And usually the older kids love to come up and say hi to the baby, so fun is had all around. I enjoy seeing all the different toys that are out there and keeping a mental list of the ones that Anna will definitely need to own when she's big enough to play with them.

Here is a picture our new friend Erin took at her recent play group:

Well, she's snoozing away in her swing so I'm going to take advantage of 2 hands and clean up the house a bit. Sorry there weren't enough pictures in this post but I promise to take some more later  ;-)

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Nicole said...

Sarah - I just seriously can't get over how big she's getting! And she looks JUST like you!!! Ahhhh...I want May to get here fast so I meet her in person =)