Friday, January 14, 2011

Survival of Snowpocalypse 2011

Well, I think we're finally nearing the end of our week of snow-induced seclusion. We've had a cozy week together, and I enjoyed having Steve home with us. It was a nice post-holidays vacation!!

We really didn't have cabin fever at all. We learned from our winter here last year that our neighborhood (and our driveway) tend to get some really bad ice, so we were prepared to be in for the week. I'm home all day usually so for me it wasn't anything new, and Steve discovered some new games that kept him occupied. We also had fun being creative in the kitchen to help use up some of the food in the freezer/pantry that tends to accumulate...nothing like a good old-fashioned Cupboard/Freezer Clean Out Challenge, right? The weather is supposed to warm up tomorrow so I assume we'll be able to get out. We probably could have gotten out today but my suggestions to go next door and borrow Joe's snow shovel have been firmly ignored.

I have been taking advantage of having another set of baby-holding hands around and logging some good exercise hours downstairs. I've also been able to knock out a lot of cleaning to-dos that tend to get pushed to the back burner when I can't put the baby down. We've also had a sense of humor about it- we made ice cubes in my mini-muffin tray by sticking it out on the back porch (who runs out of ice cubes in the middle of a snowstorm?? idiots, that's who.), Steve made a snowball gin and tonic, and he's also chilling a bottle of champagne in a pile of snow on our back porch as part of our dinner menu tonight, since we're out of wine. We've also had fun watching the neighborhood kids on their sleds...there's been a bunch in our cul-de-sac and also on the school field behind our house. Steve has been going for his normal jogs outside (yes, in shorts...nut) and coming home with road reports. And iPhone pictures of cars (and moving trucks) all over the place.

I am ready to get back to normalcy though...I had to reschedule several mommy play dates and lunches with friends, and I know Steve is antsy to get back to work. It's now officially his tax busy season so he was glad to get a long, lazy week in before the craziness starts! We hope all our other Atlanta friends and family stayed safe and warm and managed to have some fun this week too!


Kathryn said...

Aw! Love the cooking with Anna pics. Glad y'all stayed safe and warm this week! The apple pecan bread sounds yummy too, I will have to try it.

Atlanta, Food and Love said...

We ran out of ice too! so crazy...I was thinking this is least some one else was crazy too!