Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 Months Old!!!

Our sweet baby girl is 5 months old today- it sounds so surreal to say that! This has been the most fun month yet (you think I'll be saying that next month too, and the one after that? haha)...Anna is so much more interactive and her personality is coming out more and more. Plus the weather here has been fantastic, so we've gotten out of the house a lot more. I think Anna likes getting out (and so does her momma!).

So what's new this month? Well, for starters, Anna is now sitting up like a big girl in her stroller. It certainly makes our walks at the park easier to not have to use the car seat and the stroller, and she LOVES being able to look around at everything.

She has also started rolling all over the place. She can't quite get from her back to her belly yet but she's got the side roll down perfectly. And she's quite the wiggle worm- she will move all the way around 360 degrees in her crib and play mat. Steve was quite amused watching her one night on the video monitor.

She's not sitting just yet but I think we're close. She loves doing baby sit-ups on the floor or my lap. And yesterday she grabbed her foot for the very first time. She's actually in my lap right this minute playing with her feet.

We've also been playing some new games. She LOVES bubbles. She also loves "this little piggy" and the tickle monster. She lets out the most delightful little giggles and peals of laughter. Steve finally got to hear one of her big giggles the other night and the look on his face was priceless. Most of our energy nowadays is devoted to trying to get her to laugh more and more. Being out in public doesn't change that, so we're now the crazy people that people either try to avoid, or point and laugh at. A lady at Target yesterday was even treated to a round of "Oh My Darlin' Banana" (sung to the Clementine tune, of course) in the card aisle. Complete with swaying.

Another funny thing she's now utterly entranced with is my mouth. If she's in my arms or lap, it's just a matter of time before she grabs my lips or shoves her whole hand in my mouth. Talking, eating, or drinking speeds up her interest in reaching up and grabbing. And nibbling on the baby hand leads to baby giggles.


Anna's also doing the infamous "lunge and stuff" trick that babies are so good at. Anything and everything that catches her attention needs to be lunged at and then crammed into her mouth.

One last cute story from this month is that she and Kingsley have started really paying attention to each other. If he is within reach, Anna will reach out and pet his fur. And if she is within reach, she will get a big slobbery kiss. Captain K wants to be everywhere that she is, whether she's in her bouncer watching me do my makeup in the mornings, in her jumperoo or play mat, or even if she's napping in the nursery. I'll walk in there to put away laundry and he will be curled up on the rug while she snoozes in the crib. He is surprisingly gentle with her...hopefully that lasts up through the tail-pulling stage too!!

See you later, alligators!


Janet said...

Aw, c'mon, Sarah, you're having way too much fun being a mommy and being about all this baby business.. this is supposed to be HARD WORK!! (Now you really know what a 'labor of Love' means, huh?)
I can't wait to see you both again Friday, and then Saturday... ROAD TRIP!!

Kathryn said...

So Cute!!

Miranda said...

Your daughter is adorable!