Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catch Up/Ketchup/Catsup

Whew- it's been kind of a hectic week but my plans for today cleared up, so I enjoyed a productive/lazy day at home (if that combination even exists). House is clean and happy, Baby is clean and happy, Captain is clean and happy, Husband is happy but probably not clean....order is restored and all is well in my little world.

Anna's had quite the social week. On Monday, we had a Girls' Day Out Valentine's Lunch with Lisa, Blakely, Emilie, and Callie. We sat next to Emilie, and Anna gave Callie a big baby hug. Callie is only 3 days older than Anna, and Blakely is just a couple of months older, so it's fun to have friends with little girls all around the same age!
Anna is also trying to steal Callie's pacifier, apparently.
After lunch, we came home and baked cupcakes and cookies for Daddy for Valentine's Day. Anna loves sitting in her rocker and "helping" in the kitchen, especially if I sing her silly songs while I bake. Then Steve cooked us dinner while I gave Anna her bath.

Tuesday we had the house pressure-washed so most of my day was spent dealing with the cleaners. Anna was SO entertained with the water spraying the windows. When the guy was up on our back porch (we've got a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows there in the breakfast nook) spraying the windows, she just sat there and watched and even threw in a couple of her baby giggles. The guy saw us watching so he waved and hammed it up for her and of course she loved it.

Wednesday we spent a good part of the day getting Steve out the door for his big guys' trip down to Disney World. He made a last minute request for "as many chocolate chip cookies as I could make", so Anna got to be my sous-chef again. Then the three of us went down to Steve's office to meet Pam (hi Pam!) and to have lunch with Susan. It was fun to see Steve's office fully decorated, but Anna thinks it could use a few more toys. And now my car is full of camping stuff...I think the plans to fit 5 guys, their stuff, and all the camping gear into one car was a little ambitious  :-)

Umm....I don't remember Thursday.

Friday we had Anna's baby music class and then frozen yogurt and a walk at the park with Lisa and Emilie.

Today we went on a long, leisurely walk in the neighborhood to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather. And I cleaned my house and played with my baby.

Wow, wasn't this a riveting post, haha. Here, have some pictures. Nothing like a cute Duck Derriere to make this post interesting!! These are Anna's early attempts at learning to crawl. She waves her legs, sticks her bottom up in the air, and then face plants onto her blanket.

Whew....hard work!

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Janet said...

It's really cute when they learn to "downward dog" in the process of learning to crawl! Once she gets going, she and Kingsley can have races!
P.S. Love the ducky derriere!