Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Little Hostess

Anna put on her party dress and helped host her first party yesterday, at a baby shower for our friend Jamie! It was a long day with an early wake up, long drive to and from Chattanooga, and meeting lots of new people, but Banana handled it like a champ (well, for the most part, haha...she conked out pretty quickly when we got home!!). My mom happily tagged along and she was a huge help- I had really been debating whether or not to bring Anna but separation anxiety won out, and bringing my mom was a really smart decision.

Anyhoo here are some pictures from the party- Jessica and Laura helped host it too and we had the shower at Jessica's house. Between getting everything set up and talking to everyone and playing with Anna I didn't get too many pictures but my mom managed to snap a few!

Anna playing the nursery rhyme game. She didn't win but she sure had fun with that paper. Also she had socks and shoes on at some point but those didn't last too long.

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Janet said...

You did a great job planning the party! It was fun to see how you pulled it all together and made it such a success! It was beautiful!
It was great to be with you and Anna for a whole day- really reinforces for me the impression that you are a wonderful Mom- so patient and kind no matter what. You're BOTH troopers! (not just my biased opinion!)