Wednesday, March 23, 2011

6 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 6 months old today- holy cow! She is growing by leaps and bounds and this has been a busy month. Her fun little personality is coming out more and more, and we love her sense of humor! Just squeal "puppies!!!" at her and she is bound to smile and giggle!


Just for funsies, see how much she's grown!


I know we've been a little "boy who cries wolf" about this, but Anna has officially cut TWO teeth, and she's got one more right behind them! She had my finger in her mouth one morning happily chomping away, and I realized that there was something kind of sharp in there! I pulled her lip down and sure enough- tooth! And the second followed just a day or two later. She refuses to let me take a picture of them, but I promise they are there. She really hasn't been fussy at all. She has been a little clingier than usual, and she's started to wake up once or twice during the night again, but beyond that we really haven't noticed anything unusual that we can attribute to teething. We did stock up on the Baby Orajel just in case, but so far we haven't had to use it. Sophie the Giraffe is getting quite the workout though!!

Our brilliant baby is also starting to sit a little bit! She can "tripod" pretty well with her arms and she sits like a champ if I have my hands around her. She'll sit for a few seconds now by herself before she topples over, but every day she gets a little bit better. It's also extremely difficult to keep her in one spot on the floor- she rolls every which way! At Gymboree it's hard to do any of the songs or games because she's too busy rolling and scooting around.

this wiggle worm loves that Gymboree parachute!


One thing we have finally capitulated on is her toys. She has approximately three million hand-held little toys like rattles and stuffed animals (we aren't buying her another stuffed animal, ever!!), but except for her jumper and her play mat she didn't really have any "big" toys. Well, I decided she needed some now that she's starting to sit up, so I invested an hour by myself and did some garage sale hunting. I found her several toys that look brand new and all I had to spend was the $20 that I happened to have in my wallet. And she loves them!! Please ignore the fact that she's half-dressed/nekked in these pictures- she was running a little warm in her PJ's so we took them off. Right now the back half of our dining room is her play room.




Anna is getting better with eating her solids. I still wouldn't say that she's crazy about them, but at least some now are making their way into her tummy vs. all over her bib/the chair/Mommy/the floor/the windows/Kingsley. I mixed a little bit of banana into her oatmeal the other day and that seemed to help. I also stopped by the store today to pick up some apples, avocado, and sweet potato. I plan to puree and freeze those tomorrow so they are ready to go. Maybe she'll like those better!






After her bath and before bedtime, we always read at least one book while we rock in the glider together. Her favorite books are anything by Dr. Seuss- she loves the colors, the pictures, and the rhythm of the stories. Or maybe they just taste the best.



We haven't had her doc appointment this month yet, but my guess is that she's somewhere between 17 and 18 pounds. She's mostly wearing 6-9 month size clothing, but a few of her 3-6 month stuff still fits, and then some of her outfits are sized 12 months!! Yikes.

We are off to do some shopping - see you in a while, crocodiles!


Nicole said...

Ahhh!! Look at her with that cute little spoon! I love it =)

Kathryn said...

So cute, I love those baby sunglasses! I can't believe she is six months old!

Stefanie Blakely said...

Anna is such a gorgeous little girl! Isn't it amazing how much they've changed in 6 short months? I can't even imagine what she and Liam will be like 6 months from now!!

valleegirl said...

Hmm... exchange a pen for that spoon in her mouth and she could be writing the next great American novel... or an amendment to the theory of relativity!
What a love bug!!