Sunday, March 27, 2011

Belly Babbles Spring Challenge- Week Two

We're heading into the actual cleaning part of the Challenge now and my house sure needs it. Now, lest anyone be mistaken by all these cleaning posts - I do not like cleaning. I do not enjoy cleaning. In fact, during this entire process, I'm dreaming of the day that I can just pay someone else to come in here and do this all for me. But I do enjoy having a clean and well-functioning home, so I've got to pull on my gloves and get the job done.

This week we are focusing on the Upstairs. I know every house is different, so if you're following along and you don't have an upstairs, the rooms for this week are the master bedroom, guest bedroom, nursery, and laundry room. A lot of this stuff is probably already on your weekly or daily cleaning schedule, but since this is supposed to be comprehensive, I'm including everything. Just do what you need to do and tweak the list if you want to.

As you're working, keep an eye out for a good Special Project for this week that you can knock out.

Sweep floors (or vacuum if you've got carpet)
Steam floors
Dust ALL surfaces, including light fixtures/ceiling fan, ceiling, corners, and furniture
Clean windows 
Polish wood furniture
Dust shutters (if you have drapes, wash them or vacuum and let them air outside)
Dust and wipe down baseboards
Replace burned-out light bulbs
Wipe down walls
Clean doorknobs
Clean mirror
Wash bedding and pillows
Flip and vacuum mattress
Clean and organize dresser – donate or toss unwanted clothes
Clean and organize closet - donate or toss unwanted clothes
Clean, repair and store winter clothing


Thoroughly clean toilets (including behind, base and hardware)
Scrub bathtubs and showers (launder or replace shower curtains, if you've got them)
Clean shower heads
Clean sinks
Clean counters
Sweep floors
Steam floors
Sprinkle baking soda and vacuum carpet
Wash towels
Dust and wipe down baseboards
Replace any burned-out light bulbs
Dust light fixtures and fan vents
Clean out drains
Refill hand soaps
Make sure toilet paper is stocked
Clean out toiletries and replace as needed
Clean out medicine kit and replace expired medicines
Clean out and organize cabinets and drawers
Empty trashcans and wash out
Wipe down walls
Clean mirrors
Clean windows
Wipe down doors and clean door knobs
Inspect grout and repair/replace if needed


Sweep floors
Steam floors
Vacuum rug 
Dust ALL surfaces, including light fixtures/ceiling fan, ceiling, corners, and furniture
Vacuum chair and spot-clean cushions
Polish wood furniture
Clean windows
Dust plantation shutters
Dust and wipe down baseboards
Replace burned-out light bulbs
Wipe down walls
Clean doorknobs
Clean pictures
Wash bedding
Clean toys (washing machine, bleach bath, or surface clean)
Inspect and toss broken or damaged toys
Wash swing, rocker, Boppy cover, changing table cover, and jumper fabrics
Scrub baby tub
Clean out closet and store/donate clothing
Empty trash and wash out trash can
Spot clean car seat
Spot clean stroller
Tidy book shelves

Laundry Room 

Sweep floors
Steam floors
Dust light fixtures
Clean window
Clean out clothes steamer (vinegar)
Take inventory of detergents, vinegar, stain removers, bleach and replenish as needed
Vacuum and wipe down dryer vent
Wipe down washer and dryer
Run wash of vinegar through washer to clean
Clean out and organize cabinets
Take inventory of sewing supplies and replenish
Change attic A/C filter
Clean iron
Wipe down walls
Wipe down door
Wash hamper liners
Wash out laundry baskets
Return dry cleaners hangers for recycling
Empty trash and wash out can

See you next week! 


Atlanta, Food and Love said...

Ok...I am trying to get on board. I have alot of cleaning up to do in the next couple of weeks. I have to make room because the FH is becoming the H and moving in. I am going to do mine a week behind!

Sarah said...

it's probably smarter to do it a week behind anyway, you can learn from all my mistakes, haha. Yay for the new hubby!!

Robin said...

I have been following your blog for a while but just now commenting. While I don't think I have time to join the spring cleaning challenge, you are definitely inspiring me to do a little extra deep cleaning when I do have time! I am lucky in that my husband helps me do the cleaning and laundry, so I just need to get him on board. HA!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for being my inspiration, our house is such a mess!! I really need to dedicate some time to cleaning/straightening/de-cluttering....