Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daddy's Girl

A really fun thing to watch over the last week or two is that Anna has really turned into a Daddy's Girl. She has always liked him obviously and has given a few smiles in response to his games, but now her face lights up as soon as he walks in the room. In fact, she's kind of obsessed with him! She watches him the entire time he's in the room or walking around, and it's sometimes hard to keep a grip on her, she lunges for him so quickly! It is so sweet to watch, and I'm even more excited for the end of tax busy season so we can all spend a lot more time together.




Football baby!

Kissy monster

Nap time

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valleegirl said...

Aawww... little girls really love their Daddies! What's really wonderful is that it's truly mutual... Who adores whom?