Friday, March 11, 2011

Diaper Round-Up

Well, Anna outgrew her prefold diapers a couple of months ago, and since we are out and about so much now, I wanted to expand my "stash" into diapers that were easier to throw into the diaper bag. And also friendlier for husband/babysitters/grandma. I knew I wanted pocket diapers, which are essentially a waterproof cover with a cloth insert that you stuff inside. They are washed just the same as prefolds, and after I stuff the insert in, they are ready to go just like a disposable.

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I know a lot of cloth diapering mamas get really into buying new covers and trying new brands, but I will admit that I had very little interest in shopping around. I wanted to find one or two brands that I liked, max out my budget, and be done with it. However, through very little conscious effort of my own, I managed to acquire a bunch of different brands so I'm dedicating a bit of blog attention to them.

My top two favorites are FuzziBunz and BumGenius. They fit Anna well and I never have any leak problems (granted, I don't have leak problems with any of these). These two were my go-to diapers whenever I was able to add to the stash, so the bulk of the diaper drawer are these two brands.

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The other brands that we have that I like as well are:
Happy Heinys - this one is probably my favorite overnight diaper since it's really easy to double-stuff.

Kawaii - I absolutely love the way this one feels, but at a $10 price tag, I am skeptical at it holding up for years and multiple kiddos. So far it's doing great, and I got it free with another purchase so even if it falls apart tomorrow I guess I can't complain. But yeah I surprisingly love this one. If I needed to add any more diapers at this point I'd probably buy a few more of these.

Edit- we're now a few months in with this diaper, and the velcro isn't working all that great. Actually, despite my best efforts to get the "cling" back, this diaper will fall off her tush at some point. I rarely use it anymore and I'm glad that I didn't buy more of these. I don't know if this is a common problem or just with my diaper, but unfortunately, that has been our experience with it.9

Mums Bums - these are All-In-One diapers, which means no insert. These are the only diapers that I dry in the dryer (all the covers dry on my lines), so they are nice to have when I stretch out laundry day (oops) and need a new diaper fast!!

AppleCheeks - I have two of this brand, and they work well and look cute. Supposedly they un-stuff themselves in the wash but it's such a habit to pull the insert out before I toss in the bin that I haven't really tested that claim.

There are a couple of brands that I am neutral toward...I don't necessarily dislike them, but they tend to be the last ones in the drawer that I'll use.

Pocket Change - the rise on this one seems to be shorter than any of my other diapers, even on my average size baby. It makes it harder to put on and it doesn't look quite as comfortable as the others. I couldn't even find it online so maybe they aren't making them anymore.

Smartipants - the snaps are harder to fasten and although it doesn't leak, it just doesn't look like it fits her as well as the other diapers. 

Flip Diaper System - apparently I'm in the minority with not loving these. These aren't pocket diapers- it's essentially a cover that you can reuse as long as it doesn't get dirty- you just change out the insert. The covers themselves are really cute but it seemed to take too long to switch out the inserts, especially while holding a squirmy baby, and it always seemed that the insert wouldn't stay totally in place. I just wish the inserts would snap in, vs. relying on the baby's bottom to keep them in place. But, it is definitely more economical than buying an equal number of pocket diapers, and they are easier than prefolds. I made a very half-hearted attempt to sell these, but I didn't dislike them enough to lose a bunch of money on them, so I will keep them to use in a pinch or when baby #2 comes.

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