Saturday, March 5, 2011

Picture Post!

A picture post - play time!

Her new friends Polly Peacock and Izzy Inchworm. 
And this is her "Mom, it's way too early for these shenanigans" face.

in Carolyn's fab play room

BFF Blakely

Picnic with Blakely and Tarik

Lisa and Emilie
Check out those chompers!

We were joking about dropping Blakely and the aquarium employee said that she wouldn't be the first baby dropped in there and she probably wouldn't be the last!!


Miranda said...

Can I ask where you got that toy at that your daughter is playing with in the first picture. It looks like that would be something interesting that my little one would like. Thanks!

Sarah said...

I'm actually not totally sure, to be honest- we were over at a friend's house and she had it. She said she bought it at a consignment sale. But Anna definitely loved it!