Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Play Day

For the first time in a long time, Steve got up with Anna and I slept in until the luxurious time of 10:15. I came downstairs to see this:

March 6 2011 002
and yes, those are her Christmas pajamas. It was laundry day.

Auntie Ally and GrandMaree came over for their regular Sunday visit, and Anna was in such a playful mood! We showed Allyson how we play bubbles, and we also dug through the Box 'O Fun that is kept safely up on the mantel, out of Kingsley's reach. We finished the day with a round of Super Baby and neck smooches. If you are wondering what I do all day, it's pretty much what's shown in these pictures, haha. And it's a testament to how much I love these pictures that I am posting them in all my post-walk, workout clothes-wearing, no-makeup glory.

March 6 2011 011

March 6 2011 012

March 6 2011 030
Anna is obsessed with water right now, but when I give her a tiny bit she blows it all out, raspberry style.

March 6 2011 022

March 6 2011 025

March 6 2011 040

March 6 2011 041

March 6 2011 048

March 6 2011 052

March 6 2011 054

March 6 2011 003

March 6 2011 039

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