Sunday, April 24, 2011

7 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 7 months old (and one day) today!  This has been a busy month for our Anna Banana, and such a fun one!


Her two little chompers are almost fully in now and there's another one that I think will cut through any day now. This one seems to be bothering her a lot more than the first two, so we keep a steady supply of teethers in the fridge, Sophie is washed and ready for her every morning, and we've had to break out the infant Tylenol pretty frequently.


Anna can roll over both ways now and it's not uncommon for us to peek at her on the video monitor to find her playing on her tummy in the crib. She's gotten quite skilled at sticking her leg in between the crib bars to help her flip over faster - such a little monkey!

She loves grabbing at anything and everything that catches her eye- Mommy's hair, Kingsley, toys, the camera. And she is SUCH a wiggle worm!! Diaper changes are getting to be quite challenging, and getting her to sit still for anything is also a challenge (her monthly picture this morning took much longer than normal to get a decent one!). She loves floor time - her play mats see quite a lot of activity. She is also so curious about everything -she loves going out and people watching.


Banana is sitting up very well - she will still wobble and topple over because she gets distracted and excited, but she can sit like a champ. On the floor we put all the pillows around her "just in case", haha, but every day she gets better and better.


She is also starting to sleep SO well. At night, anyway. She has really started hating naps and it's the hardest thing now- she will fight naps like there's no tomorrow, even while rubbing her eyes and yawning. But she has started going to bed anywhere between 5 and 6, and usually doesn't stir until the early morning. She'll wake up once to eat, and I'll change her diaper, and she'll go back down until 6:30-7:00 in the morning. Steve and I have finally been able to cook and eat dinner together, enjoy a movie or board game, and we even finished the puzzle that's been "in progress" on our dining room table for a couple of months!!

Her new sleeping consistency has also let us go out for our 2nd date night since she was born. My mom came over to watch her last night, and we met Steve's parents at one of our favorite restaurants, Pappadeaux, for a yummy dinner. It was SO nice walking back in to a still-sleeping baby, instead of the red-faced screaming baby that I usually greet whenever I tried to leave the house at night.


Anna has also started to like solid foods a little bit more this past week. Up until this week, she would let me spoon a bit of her fruit or veggie puree into her mouth but would immediately spit it out with a totally disgusted face. I even tried letting her feed herself with a tiny bit of food on her tray, but she just smashed her hand into it until I gave up and took it away. But now she has started being a lot more interested in it. She likes apples and bananas the best (complete with the song of course), but also likes avocado, yogurt, and sweet potatoes. She doesn't seem to be in love with pears though, and I discovered the other day that she might have a sensitivity to cinnamon. I had mixed a little bit into her apple and oatmeal, and when I went to wipe it all off her face, her poor skin was bright red everywhere it had touched. I washed her face off really well, and the redness went away after about 30 minutes. The pediatrician said to watch her for signs of an allergic reaction, but she acted completely happy. Apparently a true cinnamon allergy or sensitivity is pretty rare, so we're going to try re-introducing it in a few months and seeing if it goes away on its own.


We don't have another pediatrician appointment scheduled until 9 months, so I don't know for sure how much she weighs, but my guess is that she's around 19 pounds. The 6-9 month clothes fit her the best right now, although some of her 6 month stuff still fits, and then some of her clothes are 12 months!! I wish all the clothing companies could put their noggins together and get a consistent sizing scheme down, haha.

We're looking forward to this next month- we love you, Baby Girl!


valleegirl said...

You all are doing SO wonderfully! No, I didn't get to play with her last night but watching her on the monitor when she woke up and played and then put herself back to sleep was PRECIOUS!
And WOW! My life is changed now after watching The Ten Commandments in big screen HD!!! OMG!!! Incredible!
Hope she's enjoying her balloon and bunny book and puppet!

Robin said...

Wow, she sleeps like a champ! How did you find out that 5 or 6pm is a good bedtime for her?

Since I work outside the home until 5pm, I think I would hate to have Eva go to sleep so early for the night. Maybe my putting her to bed later is what is keeping her waking up every 3 hours all night, though.

Sarah said...

Robin, we originally were starting her bedtime routine around 7 or 7:30, whenever we saw her rubbing her eyes and acting tired. But she kept moving it up by herself, and we just followed her cues. Now it's pretty consistent that she's conked out for the night by 6. Sometimes she's even surprised us by staying asleep at 4!! I do wish that her bedtime was later but she's sleeping so well at night that I guess I can't really complain.

Robin said...

Yeah, if she is sleeping well, that must mean that you've found the perfect sleep time for her and you likely don't have to worry too much then if she isn't getting a lot in the way of naps.