Sunday, April 10, 2011

Belly Babbles Spring Challenge- Week Three Check-In

 Belly Babbles

Whew this was a busy week. I got most of my deep cleaning done, but I will be playing a bit of catch-up this week. That's okay though - I clean to live, not live to clean  :-). I really wanted to get my downstairs in good shape though, so with my limited time this past week I  prioritized my time and focused mainly on the living room, kitchen, breakfast nook (all those windows, ay yi yi), bathroom, and foyer. I got the sitting room, dining room, and office decently clean but I do want to go back and give them another whirl.

I did accomplish two Special Projects this week, so hiyo on that.

The first really really needed to be done, and I just kept putting it off. For 2 years. I love my house but the kitchen is a little frustrating. I originally had all the spices stored in a small cabinet next to the stove, but it was a nightmare to keep organized. So then I put all my cookbooks in that cabinet, and all the spices in the cabinet over the stove...which I know is pretty much the worst possible place to store spices. But there they stayed. And then spices got pushed to the back, and I thought I ran out so I'd buy another bottle, and the original bottle would expire. Needless to say, it was a mess. And as much as I cook/bake, it was ridiculous that my spices were in such a disarray. And the heat from the stove probably made all the spices flavorless anyway.


So today, I went through the entire cabinet and tossed anything that was expired or had lost its smell. Then, I bought a handy little gadget called a Spice Stack at Bed Bath & Beyond, for just over $20 with a 20% off coupon. I love this, because I really didn't want yet another thing standing on my kitchen counters (which is the main reason I never bought a traditional spice rack). I was able to squeeze together all my cook books and put my Spice Stack in the original spice cabinet. Eventually, I would like to buy another one and have one dedicated to cooking spices and the other to baking spices, but just tackling the one today was enough :-). The Spice Stack also came with labels but I'm going to restock my collection before I start labeling.


The second project was more just a shopping trip, really. One thing I've been contemplating for a while now is making our house a "no-shoe zone". And quite honestly this is something that I've always said I would never do. But...Anna is really enjoying playing on the floor now. And soon she will be crawling. And I ran across an article the other day that said the average shoe sole has, among other things: fecal matter, gasoline, antifreeze, industrial toxins, pesticides, fertilizers, and even traces of lead. And that shoe will bring ALL of that right into your house and onto your floors. I read that, and then pictured Anna crawling through it, and it literally made me want to vomit. I also started feeling better about it because 99% of the play dates I go to are no-shoe homes too, so at least I'm not alone in thinking about this.

Anyhoo, I decided that after my big Spring cleaning I was going to make our house a "no-shoe zone", and I wanted to get a basket of socks and slippers to keep by the door in case people don't want to be barefoot. I knocked that off the to-do list today and I think the baskets are pretty cute.


I do have a side note about this project. Steve was fully supportive of losing the shoes (actually, he just said, "sure, whatever you want", but I choose to interpret that as being fully supportive, haha), but when he saw these baskets I got a massive eye-roll. He insists that everyone will prefer to be barefoot, and I argued that people might appreciate having a pair of socks or a pair of slippers to put on if they come over and aren't already wearing socks. I said some people just aren't comfortable being barefoot in somebody else's house, which I can certainly understand. He refused to believe me, even after I discovered that my new issue of Martha Stewart Living addressed this very same issue and suggested putting a basket of slippers by the door!!!

So we made a bet. He bet that even by the end of the year, there won't be more than 6 people that come over and use the socks/slippers and that the baskets will be a complete waste of space. I bet that more than 6 people will use them, especially by the end of the year. The stakes are a romantic dinner, cooked completely by the loser, including grocery shopping AND cleaning up. So come on, folks, Momma needs a break from the kitchen. We've got 8 months to go, I think we can throw this bet my way  :-).

We're moving into the fourth and final week of the Belly Babbles Spring Challenge, so grab your Swiffer and let's go!

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Robin said...

Spices look awesome!

We are a shoeless household and have been for years. There is the occassional person that goes and ahead and "forgets" that we don't wear shoes in our house and most of the time I let it slide. Although I admit to obsessively vacuuming after they leave!