Sunday, April 17, 2011

Belly Babbles Spring Challenge- Week Four Check-In

Belly Babbles

We're wrapping up the Belly Babbles Spring Challenge. I would say "good riddance" but truth be told, I'm so glad I did this. Even just doing these stupid blog posts held me a lot more accountable to actually get this stuff done. And I really learned a good lesson- life never slows down, so you've just got to bite the bullet and find time to get your stuff done.

I'm going to be honest and say I didn't get everything done this week that I wanted to. But, I did get caught up from Week Three. And I did get a Special Project done. I'm going to finish up this week, but in the meantime, here's what I worked on this week.

The main thing I really wanted to focus on this week was getting ready for our very first baby play date. And it was a doozy of a play date- 12 babies!! A lot of fun but I was pretty nervous about it. Everyone else's homes look so good when we go there that I was really self-conscious about my home. But I really wanted to host a play date. So I put some extra effort into our kitchen and living room, and I devoted my Special Project this week to baby stuff.

We've got hardwood floors throughout our house, which I love, but I've found it hard to be able to put Banana down on them without worrying about her bonking her head. I also wanted to be able to very easily clean her playing surface without having to pull out the broom and the floor steamer. So I researched non-toxic floor mats, picked the one that looked the cutest on Amazon, and ordered two sets. We ordered the Tadpoles brand, in the pink and brown colors. They were extremely easy to put together, and they are easy to wipe down after play time. When we aren't using them, I fold them down and hide them behind the love seat in our living room.


The other thing that needed doing was her toy cabinet. When she really didn't know what was going on, I had her few toys limited to a basket on top of the fireplace mantel, out of Kingsley's reach. But now that she's actively playing for the majority of her day, she's got a LOT more toys. Stevo recently moved all his board games into a closet in the office, so a cabinet in our built-ins was free. I moved all her stuff into there and organized it. All of her big toys are stored in the dining room, a room nobody uses and it's all therefore out of the way, haha.


I hope anyone that was following along with the Spring Challenge had a productive month too, and to anyone joining in the Challenge late- good luck and work hard - it's worth it!

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