Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pulled Pork Tacos

We finally did another "new recipe challenge" tonight and this one was a little unique in that I just made up this recipe and hoped for the best. The idea to do pork tacos originated when I read through Maya Angelou's Great Food All Day Long cookbook, but since Steve HATES big chunks of meat and her recipe was basically cut everything up and stick it in the microwave, I wanted to do something a little different. Plus I wanted to use my slow cooker.

Steve gave this a score of 85 which is pretty good for a made-up-at-the-last-minute new recipe. And with how easy this was, this will definitely go into the regular rotation.

This recipe made enough for at least two nights.

Pulled Pork Tacos

1 lb pork tenderloin
16 oz jar medium salsa
1 packet fajita seasoning mix
7 oz jar diced green chiles
1 package tortillas
1 tomato, diced
Shredded lettuce
Shredded cheese

Place the pork tenderloin in the slow cooker. Rub with fajita seasoning on both sides. Cover with salsa, diced green chiles, and 1/4 cup water. Stir to combine.

Cook on Low for 6 hours or until pork shreds easily. Put pork in a bowl and shred with 2 forks. Stir in some of the salsa mix from the cooker to help moisten and flavor.

Assemble tacos with suggested toppings or whatever else you like on tacos.

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valleegirl said...

Sounds good! Can you leave some in the fridge for me? hahaha