Monday, May 23, 2011

8 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 8 months old today! Honestly, I feel like I was just writing her 7 month post yesterday. I even went and double-checked her ticker in the blog just to make sure, because it really didn't feel like a whole month just went by. We have been insanely busy but having lots of fun along the way!




Bananasaurus is really SUCH a fun little girl. Her personality is so sweet and giggly - even on her crankiest of cranky days, she is such a delight to be around and to take care of. She's definitely my little buddy and I couldn't ask for a better 24/7 companion!

(helping with the laundry)


I have discovered that she is extremely ticklish on her her a good squeeze on the legs results in peals of laughter and lots of squirming.


I also discovered that stealing the pacifier out of her hand with my mouth will also result in peals of laughter, especially when I accompany the theft with lots of growly monster noises. Today she even started holding the pacifier up to my face, trying to tempt the Paci Monster. Giggling all the while, of course.

She is not quite crawling, but she is SO close. She can crawl backwards though, and she is quite adept at rolling or squirming wherever she wants to go. Her daddy keeps getting down on the floor with her and showing her how to crawl, but she still seems completely content rolling.


The other day we played a game in her nursery while I was putting away her clean diapers - I stuck her all the way on the other side of the room up against the wall, and then went back to the diaper drawer. Within minutes I'd feel her little body roll up to my feet. Back to the wall she'd go, and we "rinsed and repeated" that over and over until the diapers were done. 


She will also constantly flip herself over in the crib. I love walking into the nursery in the morning to see her little face peeking up over the crib rail at me (guess it's getting time to lower the crib!).


The changing table is now a mean-mommy-instrument-of-torture, and must be escaped from as quickly as humanly possible. Anna isn't really concerned with whether or not there is a clean diaper on her tush, she just wants off that freaking table :-).


We are going through quite a spell of separation anxiety though - she is NOT impressed when I leave her line of sight, and heaven forbid there be a closed door in between us while she's awake!!


This week we are gearing up to go to the lake and to the beach - swim suits, swim diapers, and plenty of fun floatie toys are stocked and ready to go. We're looking forward to another fun month!


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Nicole said...

Ahh!!! I agree - it feels like I was just reading the 7 month post!! I can't believe how big she's getting - oh my goodness and her BEAUTIFUL eyes. She's so gorgeous =) I have the most hilarious mental image of this rolling game =) Oh and I am totally jealous of the plaid pants she's wearing in the laundry basket - I want some! But I don't think they'd look as cute on me =)